California Triathlon Leadership Meeting

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Hillary TroutCalifornia Triathlon/Cal Tri Events Advisor
Michael HagenackerCalifornia Triathlon/Cal Tri Events Advisor
Thom RichmondCalifornia Triathlon/Cal Tri Events PresidentYes
BJ HipskindCalifornia Triathlon Coach
Alex HeyerCalifornia Triathlon TreasurerYes
Anthony GreyCalifornia Triathlon CoachYes
Ben ForsythCalifornia Triathlon SecretaryYes
Britt HoglundCalifornia Triathlon PM - SPRINT 90 DAY
Erik SchillerCalifornia Triathlon PM - Cal Tri Soup
Howard NemetzCalifornia Triathlon PM - Epic RidesYes
John MckenzieCalifornia Triathlon PM - Youth Tri League
Jordan PerryCalifornia Triathlon CoachYes
Kim DegenCalifornia Triathlon Vice PresidentYes
Les BorsayCalifornia Triathlon CoachYes
Marc GeraldezCalifornia Triathlon WebmasterYes
Marvin MilianCalifornia Triathlon PM - Newsletter
Megan SeveraCalifornia Triathlon PM - VOGO
Monica LeeCalifornia Triathlon Coach - NutritionistYes
Rollin WhiteCalifornia Triathlon Yes
Harrison ShaoCal Tri Events Secretary
Marina OrtizCal Tri Events PM - VolunteersYes
Mark KeskesCal Tri Events PM - GRAND PRIX USA 

  1. Revise charter
  2. Introduction of new members
  3. General Liability Insurance
    • USAT wants all Cal Tri participants to be USAT members in order to be covered in insurance.
    • Disadvantages include administrative challenges of monitoring and verifying.
  4. Epic Rides
    • Angels/Demons – working toward a 1 day security clearance waiver for entrance/exit of Naval Base.
    • Pasadena Epic Ride to start at Rose Bowl
    • Howard to add VOGO opportunity to Epic Rides
    • Looking for more photographers
  5. New partnership with BlueSeventy
  6. Anthony is going to visit Santa Clarita Triathlon Club in January
  7. California Triathlon logo is now trademarked
  8. Board is always looking for graphic artists to join team
  9. Need help at Rams game for alcohol sales
  10. Next board meeting February 3