California Triathlon is a 501(c)(3) charity that provides a premium no-fee membership to over 4,500 athletes worldwide.  Our mission is to make the sport of triathlon affordable, accessible & sustainable by providing the resources, coaching and support needed for athletes to accomplish their goals.

Triple Points from Performance Bicycle ends 06/24

Final weekend to take advantage of triple points from Performance Bicycle.

June 30 Newport Dunes Brick & Open Water Swim Clinic

Want to participate in the 1st course preview for the 2018 Newport Dunes Triathlon? Want to get 3 hours of swim, bike and run coaching? Then join us on June 30 at the Newport Dunes Beach Resort and Marina.  See you there!   [button...

Triathlon-Related Debt?

Have you all seen this Reddit thread on triathlon-related debt?  The spouse of the triathlete is taking issue with the enormous amount of debt that is being accrued, all in the name of achieving their triathlon dream. /soupdumplingbao : Hello all. From the pow of my...

2018 Newport Dunes Triathlon: Swim Course Preview

The 2018 Newport Dunes Triathlon swim course for the sprint distance will consist of a 300 yard out and back.  Meanwhile, the Olympic distance will consist of approximately 2 half mile laps.

Baldy Beast

Three weeks from today, a group of patriotic triathletes will celebrate the birth of our country by donning blue, white, and gold lycra and riding their bicycles from Azusa (and remember - you can’t spell Azusa without U-S-A, unless you spell it incorrectly) to Mount...

Great Western Loop & Honey Springs Epic Ride Recap

Twenty-ish riders left the parking lot at Jamacha Road and Willow Glen, and after a couple of flat miles, headed straight uphill for the next 15 miles. It was a beautiful day and a great group of riders who rode the Great Western Loop. Five of the riders — the Honey...

Mailbag Question: How can CalTri members support sponsors?

MAILBAG QUESTION:  How does California Triathlon select sponsors and partners and what are we expected to do in exchange? ANSWER:  Since our founding on October 6, 2010 California Triathlon members have enjoyed no-fee membership.  Even a well-run 501(c)(3) has bills...

Inaugural 2018 Newport Dunes Triathlon to be held November 4, 2018

California Triathlon is pleased to announce the addition of the Newport Dunes Triathlon at the Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort, a 110-acre resort located in Newport Beach, Orange County California.  The inaugural Olympic and sprint distance races will be held on...

Heart of San Francisco: Epic Ride #4 Recap

Yesterday was California Triathlon’s first ever Epic Ride in San Francisco, and if I have any say in it, it won’t be our last. One minute you’re riding along the waterfront, then you make a right turn and you’re climbing up a 20% gradient, then back through a park on a flat road.

Tri Events Race Series

Tri Events Race Series Each year I have a few goals for my racing season. Last year it was to qualify and compete at Kona. This year had to be something a little less time consuming since my wife is 7 months pregnant and my discretionary training time will be changing...

Train Local

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Viewing 12 topics - 1 through 10 (of 312 total)

California Soup Podcast

Olympian Sarah Haskins joins California Triathlon Soup to discuss her 14 year triathlon career including participating in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.  Sarah explains how she nimbly juggles being a professional triathlete, wife of Nate Kortuem (triathlon coach) and mother of Caroline & Connor.  We do a deep dive on her road to being selected to a 2008 U.S. Olympic Team that included Laura Bennett and Julie Ertel.  Finally, we hear about her secret to success building long term relationships with sponsors including Performance Bike, Fuji & Rudy Project.

California Triathlon Soup podcast is 2 parts triathlon, 1 part culture and a dash of silly. Season 1 offers a fresh serving of “Soup” every two weeks over a 12 week period.  The guests are top notch as a counterweight to the host’s shear lack of talent and even Erik Schiller’s mad post-production skills might not be enough to make this palatable.  Still, we hope you line up like Oliver Twist and find the podcast hearty and not thin gruel.

23 OUNCE CALIFORNIA TRIATHLON SOUP MUG.  We encourage you to commemorate what is surely going to be an abject failure by getting a 23 ounce California Triathlon Soup mug when you donate $25 to California Triathlon.  For a limited time, use the 50% CALTRI discount code to lower the price to $12.50.  That includes shipping via a chartered mule.