Top 12 Epic Ride Rules

  1. California Triathlon Kit Required.  These are Cal Tri team rides and wearing a kit is required.  Buy at
  2. Register Early At  Many of our rides sell out far in advance.
  3. What To Bring.  Cal Tri Kit, helmet, water bottles, nutrition, spare tube(s), CO2 cartridge(s), CO2 nozzle & tire levers, driver’s license, credit card & money & mobile phone.
  4. What To Leave Home.  Headphones and external music devices.
  5. SAG Support.  SAG (Support & Gear) is always provided on Cal Tri Epic Rides, However, there are many riders and often that support isn’t around.  Plan accordingly.
  6. Depart On Time.  A 7:00 am departure means we clip in and leave at 7:00 am.  Athletes should build any additional time needed into their morning routine.
  7. Obey All Traffic Signals & Signs
  8. Riding.  Ride to the right side of the road.
  9. Passing.  Pass other cyclists on the left.
  10. Use Hand Signals
  11. Study/Know The Route.
  12. Be Of Good Cheer.  Do you ever wonder why people who share a common experience sometimes have very different outcomes?  If you suffer from OCD or are prone to whining about any & all these rides are not for you.