Balancing a busy life

As a busy mom with 4 kids and double-digit training hours each week - I want to give you a few ways that I keep myself organized and scheduled.  I will first state that it’s NOT always perfect and things don’t always go as planned but I feel like having a system to stay organized and planning my week helps me to “feel” more balanced and prepared.

On Sunday, I sit down with my family calendar and plan out WHEN I’m going to get my workouts done and WHAT other obligations that I have for the week.  I have a bike trainer in my garage and don’t have any other option but to run outside so those 2 things are always set for me… and this often means running in the early hours of the morning.  (But that first break of dawn is my favorite time of the day!!!)  If I can sneak in a bike ride during the day outside, that’s a bonus for me!  I check my local pool schedules ahead of time and note any pool closures and pool opening times.  Nothing worse than getting to the pool to find that the local swim team has a meet!

Then I plan the times that I will do my workouts and for me this is primarily around my kid’s schedules and teaching during the school year.  I schedule most of my workouts in the early morning but HOW early depends on the duration of the workout or if it’s a double session.

In addition to planning my workouts, I will mostly plan the meals for the week and this includes snacks and recovery fuel.  That way I’m not standing at the fridge looking for something to eat when I’m done with a workout.  I also keep a snack bin in the fridge with some quick grab-and-go type snacks.  For example:  apple slices, cheese sticks, snack bag of seasonal fruit, snack bag of nuts, or hard boiled eggs.

If I have a very early session, then I will usually fill my water bottles and workout fuel and put them in the fridge at night.  That gives me an extra 5 minutes of sleep in the morning!   If I have a swim workout in the morning, I will write the workout on a post-it note and stick it in a ziplock bag to take with me on deck.  I will also fill a water bottle and put any paddles, pull buoy, or kick board that I need right in my swim bag so I don’t have to search for them in the dark in the morning.

All of these little things really add up for me and help me to stay organized when my training load increases and my life gets busy.  If you’re not sure where to start - start with one of these items I suggested above and see how it works for you.

I also keep a training journal each week of my training that needs to be done and also my results from each session.  I like to look back on a previous session to see how I did  - it gives me an idea of how I’m improving over the course of a training cycle.  I also add my strength sessions into my training log for the week so I can allow time for these to get done.  I have found that strength and rest is just as important as the training itself when it comes to preventing injuries and becoming a stronger athlete.

What tips do you have for organizing and balancing your training in your life?  Put your suggestions on our Cal Tri Forum.


Setting Heart Rate Training Zones

Setting Heart Rate Training Zones
The easiest way to calculate your Maximum Heart Rate is a simple paper-and-pencil calculation. Subtract your age from 220. The result is an age-predicted maximum beats per minute.

Example:  20 year old athlete
Maximum Heart Rate (MHR) 220 - 20 = 200

Please note:  This method does not take into account your fitness level or inherited genes, which can make your true maximum heart rate 10 to 20 beats per minute higher or lower than the age-predicted number.  This is the most basic method to use and it’s a good place to start to get your training zones established.  You can also do a 30 minute run test or 30 minute bike test and measure your actual heart rate numbers during the test to establish your training zones (You can email me for more details on this method if you would like to do these tests)

It is also worth noting that your bike and run heart rate MHR number will slightly vary.  There can be a 5-10% difference in your bike and run MHR.  But for a basic establishment of zones - one range of numbers will work.

Now you’ll need that pencil, paper, and calculator again to calculate your training zones:

With my example: of the 20 year old athlete - here’s the training zone ranges

Zone 1 - 60-65% of MHR = 120-130
Zone 2 - 65-75% of MHR = 130-150
Zone 3 - 75-82% of MHR = 150-164
Zone 4 - 82-89% of MHR = 164-178
Zone 5 - 89-94% of MHR = 178-190
Zone 6 - 94-100% of MHR = 190-200

If you don’t have a Heart Rate Monitor - it’s no problem, you can train on RPE or Rate of Perceived Exertion.  This chart (taken from below describes the zones and efforts.

GRAND PRIX California DOLLARS – Race Local and Save

EIGHT GRAND PRIX California RACES ALIGN.  In 2018, eight LA & OC area races including TriEvents, OC Tri Series, Big Bear & Trick or Tri have joined forces to provide an enhanced athlete experience.  This includes registration, promotion, race day experience and sponsorship supporting over 7,000 athletes.  With almost year around training, LA & OC counties combined market population of 14 million people make it the largest and most active triathlon community in the world.

  • Mar 11 – TriEvents 1
  • Apr 8 – TriEvents 2
  • May 12 - TriEvents 3
  • Jun 3 - OC Tri
  • Jun 23 - Big Bear
  • Sep 9 - Pacific Coast
  • Oct 6 – Legends
  • Oct 27 - Trick or Tri

2018 GRAND PRIX California DOLLARS.  Buy $400 of GRAND PRIX California DOLLARS for $360 (10% discount).  A 1-time $12.80 credit card processing charge will be added to your GRAND PRIX California DOLLARS purchase. Then pay no race credit card or processing fees in 2018 as part of this program. That is more big savings!  2018 GRAND PRIX California DOLLARS expire Dec 2018.

37 STRAIGHT WEEKENDS (FEB 17 - NOV 3) OF RACING, TRAINING & SPECIAL EVENTS.  The races are just the beginning.  Every weekend from February 17, 2018 thru November 3, 2018 offers an opportunity to test your endurance.

  • 8 Core GRAND PRIX California Races
  • Augmented by races in the San Francisco & San Diego areas
  • The OC Swim Series
  • California Triathlon’s Epic Ride Series
  • One Day Coached Skills Camps
  • Trick or Tri Coached Clinics & Open Water Swims
  • Tour of Big Bear
  • La Jolla Cove 10 Mile Relay

SPRINT 90 DAY PROGRAM.  All GRAND PRIX California athletes are eligible to participate in the SPRINT 90 Day Program.  This is a free program where aspiring triathletes are assigned a mentor and get a training plan and coaching resources to support their race.

2018 GRAND PRIX California LEADERBOARD.  The GRAND PRIX California is a competitive series of 25 races in the LA, San Francisco, San Diego and Orange County areas. It combines the 8 Original GRAND PRIX California races with additional races in the San Francisco & San Diego areas.  The GRAND PRIX California Leaderboard includes overall, sex and age group standings and post-season prizes for the top 36 men and top 36 women [12 age groups & 3 deep].

Don’t forget to join the GRAND PRIX California Facebook Group for all of the latest updates about our 25 participating races, timely reminders before registration price increases, and opportunities to connect with others who are racing!

For more details on the 2018 GRAND PRIX California races go to


UPDATE #2: 2017 Newport Beach Triathlon – Oct 1, 2017 – Buyer Beware

The July 25th article, 2017 Newport Beach Triathlon – Oct 1, 2017 – Buyer Beware was a consumer alert about the viability of a small SoCal race.  The first in a series of three articles, Update #1 focused on typical race venue permitting and municipality relationships.  Pacific Sports’ claim that race cancellations are typical does not jibe with others’ experiences.  Four race directors with over 600 races between them have not experienced one non-weather cancellations, suggesting that cancelling a race is abnormal. So why is Pacific Sports particularly susceptible to this phenomena? Is Pacific Sports simply unlucky or are there underlying causes for their unique misfortunes?


Following Update #1‘s release last week, there have been no shortage of inbound emails and phone calls.   Dozens of vendors, municipalities and past participants wrote to express their experience with previously failed Pacific Sports events.  For this article we have selected three examples of unfulfilled promises from Pacific Sports between 1995 and 2015: a contractor, a former employee and a vendor.  Others are publicly documented, for example the lawsuit between Pacific Sports, LLC & Santa Catalina Island Conservancy & Spectrum Sports Management, and LLC.  It is insightful how a relationship between a race director and a municipality can sour.


The Contractor.  GRAHAM FRASER - FOUNDER, NORTH AMERICAN SPORTS.  Graham Fraser was inducted into the Ironman Hall of Fame in 2012.  Why?  After founding Ironman Canada, Fraser brought Ironman to Arizona, Florida, Lake Placid and Wisconsin and was critical in growth of the sport in North America.  He has been the race director for over 400 races including 60 Ironman events.  Fraser has fond memories of growing triathlon in the US, but one painful lesson came in the mid-1990s while with Pacific Sports and Jack Caress.  In 1995, Caress hired Fraser’s company to support the World Cup Series in Cleveland.  Fraser transported a truck full of triathlon supplies, including racks, buoys and cones from Canada to Cleveland. Over four days, he and four others worked to insure the 1995 World Cup Series was a success.  According to Fraser, shortly after the race concluded he was informed by Caress that he was withholding $15,000 of their payment because Fraser and crew did not remain to assist a separate company who had provided barricades.  This expectation was not in the scope of work previously agreed upon and served only as an excuse for lack of payment, in Fraser’s opinion.  Having already paid his crew Fraser had to choose whether to sue Pacific Sports for the $15,000- over international borders- or write it off as an expensive lesson.  He elected to write-off the expense. Fraser’s experience with Pacific Sports was anomalous in his long and successful career, but one that remains embedded after 22 years.



In my 20 years working in professional sports, I operated in an ethical and professional manner and never experienced a work environment that was outside standard business practices. This changed in 2013, when I began working as GM for Pacific Sports a company that appeared to be a successful industry leader.   In the following months I started to realize my perception of the Pacific Sports was inaccurate and the image of the company’s success in my opinion is a false façade.  In July, a hardworking and reliable colleague resigned because he told me “he could not take it anymore.” At this time, I had started to suspect a pattern of poor business practices and I was growing suspicious; yet I still did not fully understand what the employee meant.


From my first day of work and throughout the race season, staff complained to me about getting a lot of calls from many previous and current vendors asking for why their bills were not paid. Many calls and inquiries were escalated to me and it became routine to have to tell vendors that the payment was “in process” or “I’m checking on that” as I waited to hear from Jack or the accounting firm what was going on with the particular situation. It was hard to produce upcoming events, because so many vendors would not work with us until we paid them for previous services rendered.  Many of these bill collectors were calling about money owed from a year or two beforehand and it ran the gamut from city/county municipalities, to EMT providers, portable toilets, truck rentals, barricade/fencing companies, sign companies, radio rentals, hotels, parking services, merchandise providers, timing companies, former contracted employees, permitting agencies and the sanctioning body. At one time or another, basically every type of service provider it takes to produce a race, was calling to complain that they had not been paid yet for services rendered.  My hands were tied; I would approve an invoice, give it to the accounting firm to pay and wait and see how it played out.


It became clear to me that this was a pattern going on for a long time and the standard method of operation for Pacific Sports.  Many of these vendors were small business people and would call very angry and insistent.  Some came to the office looking for Jack to try to get paid.  I remember one evening in early December, 2013; it was already dark outside and I was working alone upstairs in an office when an unsavory looking character came in and was calling out “hello, hello” and was waiting for a response.  I went downstairs to greet him and he handed me papers saying “you have been served”.  Apparently, Jack Caress and Pacific Sports was served notice of lawsuits due to non-payment from a company I had never heard of or that we did business with in 2013 that I know of.  This incident was unnerving and made me feel uncomfortable and I did not like to work in the office alone.  It also lead me to believe that many other vendors could bring up possible legitimate lawsuits against Jack for non-payment.  On this evening, I fully understood what that former employee meant when he told me, “I can’t take it anymore.” Shortly after this experience, I amicably resigned.


The Vendor.  RICHARD SPENCER - PRESIDENT, KASSMO PRODUCTS, a RICKYBRANDS LLC COMPANY.  On October 29, 2015 the Circuit Court of St. Louis, Missouri ordered that Pacific Sports pay a judgement of $12.279.46 to Ricky Brands.  Per Richard Spencer, President of Kassmo Products, the payment was for shirts, medals and lanyards his company produced for the 2015 Rose Bowl Half Marathon.  Unlike the two Brooklyn Triathlon races and LA Marathon at Torrance - referenced in our previous article- the Rose Bowl Half took place and shirts and medals were appropriately awarded to participants.  The problems arose around payment for these services rendered and Pacific Sports paid Kassmo only after a court proceeding and subsequent judgement in their favor.  According to Spencer, “My experience with Pacific Sports was that their version of good business was taking the goods and negotiating on the backend for pennies on the dollar or forcing you to take them through a long and expensive court battle, which most small companies can’t do.”  


UPDATE #3:  2017 Newport Beach Triathlon – Oct 1, 2017 – Buyer Beware, will ask some of the industry’s biggest players what their consumer protection business practices are and how they are working to protect the most important stakeholder in the ecosystem, the athlete.

UPDATE #1: 2017 Newport Beach Triathlon – Oct 1, 2017 – Buyer Beware

This is Update #1 to the recent piece, “2017 Newport Beach Triathlon – Oct 1, 2017 – Buyer Beware”. There were an inordinate number of comments, follow-on questions and requests for additional insight. A good place to start is a response from Pacific Sports to Eric Nolfo’s question following our original article. Eric is a California Triathlon member and has friends currently registered for the 2017 Newport Beach Triathlon.
Eric, you should question the source of your information. We apply for permits, as we have for 39 years, and they are approved in typically around 10 days prior to the event. This is entirely typical. We have sanctioned the event as long as there has been the existence of USA Triathlon. ~ Pacific Sports
We wondered if this business practice was “typical” for other race directors in California?  Is it typical for race directors to gain permit approval 10 days prior to the event?  If not, how far in advance do race directors typically get permit approval?  Is it typical for race directors to cancel a race?  How many races have these companies held over what time period?  How many races have been cancelled last minute?  Four California based race directors with over 600 races under their belts were kind enough to answer these questions related to permit approval and event cancellation.  Here are their responses:

  • TriEvents - Carolyn Wolk, Owner & Race Director.  TriEvents is the longest running triathlon series in the world who has produced 137 races at Bonelli Park in San Dimas, California.  Per Carolyn Wolk, “We have never cancelled a race due to municipal permitting or relationship issues   In the 36 year history of TriEvents there has only been 1 cancellation and that was due to fire.”  TriEvents requires many permits including Bonelli Park in San Dimas, Bonelli Park RV Park, CIty of San Dimas, LA County, CIty of LaVerne, City of Pomona & Cal Trans.  Carolyn indicated she gets her permits many months in advance.
  • USAP Events - Ryan Coelho, Owner & Race Director.  Ryan has produced 128 races over 10 years in Northern California.  There has only been 1 race cancelled and that was due to lightning.  USAP applies for permits almost immediately after the prior year is complete with an average approval typically 60 days from race date.  Per Ryan, USAP has never had a race cancelled due to permits or municipality disputes.
  • Pelican Coast Events.  Kari Davis, Pelican Coast Events.  The OC Tri Series includes the Pacific Coast & Orange County triathlons which have combined for 30 races over a 20 year period.  These races are in Orange County just like the Newport Beach Triathlon.  Kari shared that they apply for permitting almost a full year in advance and have all their ducks in a row relative to permitting an average of 6 months before the event.  Pelican Coast Events has never had a race cancelled due to permits or municipality disputes.
  • Renegade Racing - Jonathan Pauley, Managing Partner & Race Director.  Renegade Racing has produced somewhere between 300 and 350 races.  Per Jonathan Pauley, “Renegade Racing applies for permit for a repeat event about 90-120 days in advance.  Depending on the municipality we might even do it prior to 120 days.  If it is a new race we start talking to the permitting agencies as much as 10-12 months in advance.  Either way we talk to the permit agencies and have a reasonable expectation as long as we meet the permitting requirements that we will be issued a permit.  Renegade Racing has never cancelled a race.  I think it is not typical for race management companies to cancel races at the last minute. Professional race management companies know well in advance what obstacles are in the permit process and about what it will cost to meet the requirements of each permitting agency.”
Based on the responses from these companies it is not typical to apply or try to obtain permits so close to the event date nor is it typical to have race cancellations due to permitting issues.  These 4 companies have had over 600 races produced without having a race cancelled due to lack of municipal permitting or relationships.  This brings up another important point.  When the event is abruptly cancelled what is the impact to the registrants, vendors & the sport in general.  We will dive into that on Update #2 on Sunday.

2017 Newport Beach Triathlon – Oct 1, 2017 – Buyer Beware

I was recently in NYC and had a chance to connect with a members of the Brooklyn Triathlon Club who were relaying how upset they were when the Brooklyn Triathlon was cancelled both times it was scheduled.  If you click that link you actually see a picture a Cal Tri athlete a few years ago racing at the LA Triathlon in Torrance.  As luck would have it, the 2016 LA Triathlon at Torrance was cancelled as well.  The common theme?  Pacific Sports LLC.  Pacific Sports events include Long Beach Triathlon & Newport Beach Triathlon.

California Triathlon has several members who have signed up for the 2017 Newport Beach Triathlon on October 1, 2017.  It is advertised as being held at the Newport Dunes Resort & Marina.  I reached out to the Newport Dunes Resort & Marina to confirm that everything was in place for this year’s race and was gobsmacked with the response below from Brian Ross, Executive Director, Newport Dunes Resort & Marina.  Brian refers to “Water Sports” when he actually means “Pacific Sports”.  Copied on the note to me were Jack Caress, Sam Renouf and Andrew Wright from Active and USA Triathlon President Barry Siff.  Active processes the payments and USAT would be the sanctioning body.

If you are one of the athletes who bought a race entry expecting to race at the Newport Dunes Resort & Marina in 2017 you should reach out to the Race Director, Jack Caress, and Sam Renouf at Active.

Thom Richmond, Founder, California Triathlon

California Triathlon is a 501c3 charity that provides a premium no-fee membership to over 4,000 athletes worldwide. Our mission is to make the sport of triathlon affordable, accessible & sustainable by providing the resources, coaching and support needed for athletes to accomplish their goals.


Hi Thom,

Thank you for reaching out, and I can help address your concern.

The Newport Beach Triathlon is an event advertised by Water Sports, LLC, that is neither confirmed, contracted, City permitted nor approved for the proposed date and location. On that note, one may conclude that registration for the triathlon is being sold under false pretenses — the event is neither contracted nor permitted to occur.

We have asked Water Sports, LLC, to cease and desist using our business name and address (a total of three requests to stop have been issued to Jack Caress).

Should the recognized event producer, Jack Caress, for this advertised yet unconfirmed event, wish to speak further, then he can call Newport Dunes directly, and speak with me, Brian Ross, or the general manager, Michael Gelfand.

Otherwise, yes, this event is not happening as currently proposed, and people should be notified of it not being contracted nor permitted by the City of Newport Beach for the advertised location, Newport Dunes, 1131 Back Bay Drive Newport Beach, CA 92660.

Brian Ross

Executive Director




GRAND PRIX California Leaderboard – 7.20.17

2017 GRAND PRIX CALIFORNIA.  The 2017 GRAND PRIX California is a competitive series of 20 races throughout California with over $20,000 worth of prizes up for grabs. The GRAND PRIX offers fantastic sprint, olympic & half distance options in the LA, San Francisco, San Diego and Orange County areas.
STANDINGS. 5,037 athletes have completed 1 race with 154 finishing 3 and eligible for postseason prizes.  Brigid Freyne, the 4th overall woman, is overachieving with a remarkable 6 races.
REMAINING RACES.  There are still plenty of races left with Legends as the last race on October 15.  2016 Trick or Tri was the 1st race in the 2017 GRAND PRIX California and 2017 Trick or Tri will be the 1st race in the 2018 GRAND PRIX California.
  • Jul 30 - Solana Beach
  • Aug 6 - Folsom
  • Aug 13 - Chula Vista Challenge
  • Aug 27 - Oakland
  • Sep 10 - Pacific Coast
  • Oct 15 - Legends
PRIZES.  Postseason prizes will be given at 2017 Trick or Tri on October 28.  72 postseason prizes [12 AG x Male & Female x 3 Deep].  Only athletes that represent Cal Tri on race day ~ wear the Cal Tri kit ~ will be eligible for postseason prizes.  They will be handed out on October 28 at Trick or Tri.  Athletes do not have to be present to receive their prize.
ATHLETE SUPPORT.  The bragging rights and postseason prizes are tremendous but what sets the GRAND PRIX California apart from anything else in the country is the athlete support.  Cal Tri spoils our athletes:
  • Coaching.  12 weeks of coaching support
  • Winner’s Circle.  Athletes, friends and family get the red carpet
  • Team Rack.  Race with your team
  • Recovery Zone.  Post-race relax and recovery area
  • Photography.  Photographers looking for Cal Tri kits
NEW GRAND PRIX CALIFORNIA FACEBOOK GROUP.  A Facebook group dedicated to athletes racing GRAND PRIX California events.
Contact Marina if you have any questions.

HUUB Design & California Triathlon Partner

Voted Best Tri Wetsuit Brand of the Year from 2013 - 2017 (220 Triathlon), HUUB Design is now poised to make a big splash in the U.S. and they started with California Triathlon and our 4,000 members.  We are happy to announce that HUUB Design is a California Triathlon Gold Sponsor.  Speaking of gold, did you know that Olympic Triathlon medallists Alistair and Jonny Brownlee have been on the HUUB Design express since 2013.
I raced in a HUUB Albacore at 2017 ITU Leeds and noticed an immediate difference in design, fit and function.  It was night and day to anything I had ever tried.  The HUUB wetsuit was designed to conform to me versus the typical early morning wrestling match.  Buoyancy in the water was superb and I was this close to swimming past the “Swim Out” sign and taking another lap.  It’s fair to say that HUUB wetsuits are one of the best English exports since afternoon tea & the Spice Girls.
We approched HUUB Design’s Founder, Dean Jackson, about a partnership and are pleased to say that the company behind the wetsuits is as impressive as the products themselves.  Dean and his team are committed to growing the sport through California Triathlon’s affordable & accessible model and will be providing unprecedented support to the team.
  • HUUB Design becomes a California Triathlon sponsor
  • Cal Tri member discount on HUUB Design products
  • Cal Tri Chapter Leads receive HUUB Design Albacore wetsuits
  • HUBB Design support at 2017 Trick or Tri
  • HUUB Design support of 2018 GRAND PRIX USA
  • HUUB Design hosts California Triathlon at 2018 ITU Leeds
Please join me in welcoming HUUB Design to the California Triathlon sponsor family.  There will be more details on the particulars in the next couple weeks.

The Law Firm of Richard Duquette signs to a long term “Gold Level” sponsorship agreement

California Triathlon is pleased to announce that it has signed The Law Firm of Richard Duquette to a long term, exclusive “Gold Level” sponsorship agreement. The agreement will positively serve the Triathlon community worldwide by promoting California Triathlon Mission Statement of affordable and accessible grass roots triathlon.

Richard Duquette has successfully represented injured triathletes and bicyclists for over thirty-four years. He has recovered millions of dollars and obtained justice for his clients both through settlements and after jury trials. For years, Mr. Duquette has consistently donated a portion of his winnings to various clubs and charities that promote the sport.  Duquette’s unique and unparalleled legal work has had wide-ranging implications promoting bicycle and consumer safety.  His legal bicycle rights articles have been widely published and can be found on his blog and weekly podcasts.  Duquette is a two-time Ironman finisher who regularly competes in triathlons, bicycle, and mountain bike races.  He is a graduate of the prestigious Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College in Wyoming and is “AV rated-Preeminent” by his peers.  This agreement with California Triathlon highlights the far-reaching benefits to the triathlon and bicycling communities that comes from a joint effort among trial attorneys, clients, and organizations like Cal Tri whose benefits are listed below.  Mr. Duquette may be contacted at

California Triathlon’s mission is to make the sport of triathlon affordable, accessible, and sustainable.  The 4,000 athletes worldwide enjoy the benefits of premium, no-fee membership that includes athlete resources, coaching, and support.  Our contribution to the sport is systematically attacking the costs that have given triathlon the reputation as exclusive.  Benefits include:

  • FREE MEMBERSHIP:  Making membership fees a thing of the past since our founding in 2010.
  • S.P.R.I.N.T. 90 DAY PROGRAM:  Beginner athletes receive no cost training plans, mentoring and access to USA Triathlon certified coaching.
  • VOGO (VOLUNTEER ONE, GET ONE):  Athletes volunteer at one race and earn a free future race.
  • COACHING SCHOLARSHIPS:  $500 awards for Cal Tri Chapter Leads that defray the cost of becoming a USAT coach.
  • $75 CAL TRI KIT PROGRAM:  High-quality Voler manufactured, custom garments at high-volume prices.
  • EPIC RIDES:  A SAG supported ride series for $5 to $10.
  • GRAND PRIX USA & GRAND PRIX California:  Partnerships with grassroots race directors who are “affordable & accessible” friendly.

Families, youth, recent college graduates with high debt, and fixed income seniors are just a few of the economic groups with whom Cal Tri has made significant inroads.  Growth of 36% in 2016 is rare in a time when flat is the new up.

California Triathlon is only able to flourish because of the generous support of partners like the Law Firm of Richard L. Duquette, who recently became a California Triathlon Gold Level Sponsor.

For more information contact:

Thom Richmond, President California Triathlon


Richard Duquette, Attorney at Law
Phone: 760-730-0500


Cal Tri Skills Camps Are Huge Success


California Triathlon is pleased to offer 1-day Skills Camps throughout the U.S.  Typically they are held the day before a race.  This is a skills camp and not an endurance camp so participants aren’t overly fatigued.  They do walk away a better triathlete!

“There was so much valuable knowledge gained and I really enjoyed meeting everyone. I am so excited that I was able to complete the dismount that you taught us in the race without falling on my face! 🙂 The improvement in bike handling skills helped a lot with my confidence on the bike and I’m looking forward to practicing all the things you showed us.” -Diane [recent participant]

Main reasons to attend the camp:

  • California Triathlon coaches lead all aspects of the camp
  • Hands on instruction for the swim, bike, run and transition
  • Race planning: Base, build, race specific, taper & race day
  • Health, wellness & nutrition
  • The science of the sport
  • The mental side of the sport
  • Equipment selection & bike fit

Typical Skills Camp Schedule is below:

8:00 AM    Bike Handling

9:30 AM    Transition Clinic

10:00 AM    VO2 Max Bleep Test

11:00 AM    Form Running

11:30 AM    4 Floors Of Core

12:00 PM    Lunch

2:00 PM    Swim Mechanics

3:00 PM    Swim Analysis

4:00 PM    Heart Rate Training

5:00 PM    Periodization

5:30 PM    Leave With Your “A Race” Planned

California Triathlon is pleased to offer 1-day Skills Camps throughout the U.S. Typically they are held the day before a race. This is a skills camp and not an endurance camp so participants aren’t overly fatigued. They do walk away a better triathlete!  Learn more at

FEE:  $25

California Triathlon is a 501c3 charity that provides a premium no-fee membership to over 4,000 athletes worldwide.  Our mission is to make the sport of triathlon affordable, accessible & sustainable by providing the resources, coaching and support needed for athletes to accomplish their goals.

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