About California Triathlon

California Triathlon is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization that provides a premium no-fee membership to over 4,000 athletes around the U.S..  Our mission is to make the sport of triathlon more affordable & accessible by providing the resources, coaching and support needed for athletes of all levels to accomplish their goals.  In turn, we encourage the membership to pay it forward and support great charities including Bike MS, City of Hope, Girls On The Run, and Shriners Hospitals for Children

How to Join

FREE MEMBERSHIP.  With California Triathlon, membership fees are a thing of the past like dial up internet access or Blockbuster stores.  Cal Tri members save an average of $75 each year on triathlon club membership fees and have been doing so for 6 years running.2015 Ride 10

Simply select “Join/Sign In” from the top menu at CaliforniaTriathlon.org and complete the required information. Voila! You’re now part of the team and the movement that is actively growing the sport of triathlon, with instant access to our programs and resources (described in detail below).

  • Selecting a Chapter: When you join, you’ll have the option to join a chapter. If you live in an area where we already have a strong team presence, you should select the appropriate chapter or chapters. That way, you’ll receive updates about group training activities and events in your local area.  If we do not yet have a chapter in your area, don’t despair. Our members can still access many of our resources no matter where they reside. Additionally, if you’re passionate about growing our sport and interested in organizing the tri community in your area, please contact us about starting a chapter.
  • Your Privacy: California Triathlon never gives 3rd party access to your personal information.  We also prohibit 3rd party access to our social media platforms.  We kindly decline any partnership that would include regular messaging or posting privileges to our members.  As members ourselves, we appreciate not being spammed.

Attending Coached Cal Tri Training

California Triathlon offers multiple group training opportunities each week, led by our coaches, who routinely volunteer their time in the community to teach the sport of triathlon.  Each year, several $500 Cal Tri Coaching Scholarships are awarded to active members who successfully complete the USAT Level 1 Coaching Certification, volunteer to coach 1x/week for a year and proudly represent the team on race day and in the community.

To find group training in your area, you can select your local chapter calendar or search for activities within a radius of your zip code.

RSVPs are required for all of our training and events. They are essential for communication (everything from coaches posting workouts in advance to changes and cancellations, information best targeted to the select group of people who need to know). Keeping track of who is training with us is critical, and we need to be able to quickly access emergency contact information in case of accident or injury. To RSVP for a specific event on the calendar, simply click to check the box next to “Attending?”

If your plans change, please be courteous and un-RSVP by clicking the box again.  That way, the activity later won’t be waiting for you or wondering what happened. Additionally, certain events (including epic rides, race simulations, and swim clinics) have limited space available, so we need to make sure that no-shows don’t deprive others of the opportunity to attend.


Staying Connected

There are multiple ways to learn about what’s going on, engage, and interact with California Triathlon, from weekly notes to social media.

  • WEEKLY EMAIL UPDATES: Our members tell us that the primary way they receive their information is through regular email updates from team leaders. We tread lightly with email. Once you’ve joined, you can expect to receive a weekly national newsletter. You will also receive a weekly update from your local chapter(s) if you selected a chapter when you signed up.
  • FORUM: On the lower half of our home page, you’ll find the California Triathlon forum, where you can browse a variety of topics, contribute to an existing conversation, or start a new topic. This is a great place to ask questions, get recommendations, connect with others who may be doing the same races, etc.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA – Like, follow, share, and engage with us via all of your social media channels.

Representing the Team

We encourage you to wear the Cal Tri colors whenever you are training and racing, so that you can be an ambassador for our team and our mission of making triathlon more affordable and accessible.  Additionally, when you wear your Cal Tri kit at one of our featured races, you’ll get a premium experience including endless cheers and high fives, our own photographers looking for you (and sharing photos afterwards for free), and post-race comforts like food and massages.

  • California Triathlon Kits, Jerseys, Jackets, Shorts, and Accessories can be ordered from our gear & apparel partner, Voler. Go to our gear page and click on the link for the current open order (all orders are full custom with specified ship dates so it does require a little advance planning to ensure you receive gear in time for upcoming races).  We keep our prices low so you can afford to stock up, accessorize, and replace well-worn gear. For example, a Cal Tri kit (triathlon racing top & shorts) can be purchased for $75.  Some other clubs and vendors charge 2-3x that amount.
  • California Triathlon hats and visors are available from SweatVac® Performance Wear.

Selecting a Race

There is no shortage of races to choose from. You should definitely do your homework and make sure that you are dealing with a reputable and well-organized race that includes appropriate certification (USAT is triathlon’s governing body), injury & liability coverage for participating athletes, and tremendous attention to course safety.  If you want to ask our tri community about a specific race, you can always post it as a topic on our forum on the home page.

California Triathlon’s leadership team works closely with race directors to put together a featured slate of races each year where we can commit the time and resources to create a premium experience for our members.

  • Regional Race Calendars – We also work with races on local and regional level. Currently our athletes in Southern and Northern California have multiple opportunities to race at events where they will experience a tremendous level of coordinated team support. We will continue to expand our regional race calendars as we grow. Please contact your local chapter lead to learn more about featured races in your area.

Training Plans

Whether you are training to run a half marathon, getting ready for your first sprint triathlon, or going full Iron distance, our coaches have training plans, sample workouts, and other resources that will help you structure your preparation and be at your peak on race day.  Other clubs and coaching services charge significant sums for these kinds of materials, but we believe in publishing and sharing them for free. It’s all part of making triathlon more affordable and accessible.  If you’re worried about what to bring to your first tri, see the article What to Bring to a Triathlon.

Featured Programs

California Triathlon develops and manages several key programs and initiatives that help drive our mission and grow our impact. Our most popular programs include:

  • S.P.R.I.N.T. 90 DAY PROGRAM POWERED BY PERFORMANCE BICYCLE -   Performance Bicycle and California Triathlon have partnered to deliver another year of free coaching & mentoring for beginning triathletes.  We believe aspiring triathletes need easy & affordable access to the resources, coaching and support needed to finish their first race without having to pay $200-$300 or more.
  • EPIC RIDES - California Triathlon’s monthly SAG Supported group bike rides along some of the best routes the Golden State has to offer are legendary.  “Epic” refers to the level of support, the spectacular scenery, the challenging climbs, and often the degree of difficulty in terms of distance and elevation gain (though shorter & less intimidating options are usually available).
  • VOLUNTEER ONE, GET ONE (VOGO) – California Triathlon partners with several races, both regionally and nationally, to provide knowledgeable, reliable volunteers in exchange for race entries earned for our team. Over the last three years, we’ve given out over $60,000 worth of free entries to our members.

Sponsor Deals

Since California Triathlon does not charge a membership fee, we rely on sponsor support, as well as our own fundraising efforts, to fund our programs and member benefits.  We encourage our members to support the sponsors whose generous support allows us to do what we do. You can learn more about our sponsors and link to their sites from our sponsors and gear page. Each local chapter also maintains its own sponsors, with information available on their pages.

Triathlon can be expensive. Many of our sponsors extend healthy discounts and other perks to our members to help reduce some of that gear-related spending.  These include Performance Bicycle, Rudy Project helmets & sunglasses, Compex electric muscle stimulation devices, Novatec Wheels, Swiftwick Socks, and more.

Giving Back to the Community

Supporting the community is an important part of the Cal Tri mission.  Whether it is the S.P.R.I.N.T. 90 day program to support new athletes, supporting the greater triathlon community by volunteering at races, events like Trick Or Tri (that supports the City of Hope). - giving back is important to the Cal Tri members.