2017 Epic Rides
Powered By Compex

Baldy Beast Team Photo

2017 Epic Rides Powered By Compex are bigger, better, and more EPIC! These rides take us all over the Golden State; from the beautiful coastlines to the rugged mountains and everything in between. 2017 will feature 7 classic and new routes that will challenge and reward you.

  • March 25 - Angels & Demons
  • May 6 - Malibu Madness
  • May 20 - Tour of California - Stage 7
  • July 4 - Baldy Beast
  • Aug 19 - Palomar Perfection
  • Sept 30 - Santa Barbara
  • Nov 11 - Mt. Wilson
  • We offer training plans and coaching to get you ready for an Epic ride in 6-8 weeks.
  • Cal Tri kits are required for all rides (regular top, tri top, Epic jersey, etc.) Click on pic below to go directly to Voler order page.
  • A nominal $10 RSVP registration fee is charged to discourage no-shows and casual RSVP-ing.
  • Rides have limited capacity, register now!
  • Member perks such as Performance Bike raffles, huge discounts, goodies, and free gear.

Leader:  The ride leader’s #1 responsibility is your safety.  Listen carefully to his directions and ask questions where needed.  Never assume.
Ability/Fitness:  Review the route to ensure you have the fitness to complete the route in the allotted time.  Familiarize yourself with
group riding etiquette.
SAG Support: Basic mechanical support, water, hydration, nutrition, snacks, route cards, and goodies.  Tired legs will appreciate the Compex  unit in Cal-Tri1.
Bring: Tire levers, spare tubes & CO2 cartridges and the ability to change your tire.  Water bottles (2 recommended), nutrition, sunscreen, driver’s license, phone, credit card & $20 cash.
Safety: Helmets are required.  Sunglasses are suggested. Headphones are prohibited. 
VOLUNTEERS: SAG Driver + Photographer needed for each ride.  Contact Marcos to volunteer.

2017 Angels & Demons Video

Upcoming Rides

May 20 - Amgen Tour of California
Stage 7 - Wrightwood - Pasadena

Countdown to Amgen ToC








 STAGE 7 (78 miles)

Start: Performance Bikes (Pasadena)

323 S Arroyo Pkwy, Pasadena, CA 91105

Time: 5:45 am announcements. BUS departure at 6:00 am SHARP
Ride Route: RideWithGPS
Elevation: +5696 ft / -11780 ft
Difficulty: 3.5


Saturday’s EPIC Ride looks to be truly EPIC. This 78 mile ride features a long, high-elevation descent with 5,500ft of climbing and an overall loss of 6,000ft from Wrightwood to Pasadena.

SCHEDULE. Our charter bus and uHAUL will arrive at PB at 5:00am. We will get everyone checked in and load the buses and uHaul. The bus/uHaul will leave PB at 6:00am SHARP as it is take more than an hour to get to Mt. High. If you are late, you will miss the bus and there is no other way to get there.

PARKING. We will not be allowed to park in the Performance Bikes parking lot as it is very small with a limited number of spots. It will be blocked off in the morning. However the neighboring streets have available street parking. Please factor in the extra time required to park and check in.

SAG. There will mobile SAG stops along the route and will be announced in the morning. We will also have Velofix as a roaming SAG support for mechanical issues.

SAFETY. Safety is our number one priority. If you are in a group or a paceline make sure you call out anything in the way so that your friend doesn’t eat it on some road debris. Remember that you gain fitness on the uphill and not the downhill so there is no reason to bomb down the hills. This is not the place to show off your descending skills. It will likely pull resources away from the group.

Get that ride in the shop this week. Performance Bike has a 25 point inspection that is free to Cal Tri members. Come to the ride with a well tuned bike and the ability and tools to change a tire.

ROUTE. Review the EPIC RIDES page as well as the forum for information and there are a lot of tips there. Take a few moments to make sure you are prepped. It is constantly being updated with updated info.

CAL TRI JERSEY/TRI TOP. Yep, it is required. If you don’t have one I will bring some extra for purchase at $50.

RSVP. Can’t make it?? Please open up that spot for someone else as we a hard cap on this ride due to bus and uhaul capacity. If you aren’t sure how to, contact me at Marcos@CaliforniaTriathlon.org and I can un-RSVP you.

PHOTOS/VIDEOS. Have fun and smile. Always lots of great photos on Epic Rides.

FOOD. There is post ride grub courtesy of Performance Bike.

WHAT TO BRING. Please bring your credit card/cash and make a purchase at Performance Bike. Even if it is only a tube or a gel that shows the store the proper respect and thanks for the support. Not supporting partners is a good way to lose them. In case you do need see SAG, you will be able to replenish at nearby convenience stores

WEATHER. We ride rain or shine. Please check the weather forecast and prepare accordingly.

Please contact me for comments, questions, suggestions, etc.


July 4 - Baldy Beast (72 mi)

Start: Pioneer Park
1360 N Dalton Ave, Azusa, CA 91702
Time: 6:45 am Announcments. 7:00 am departure SHARP
Ride Route: RideWithGPS
Elevation: 8,500+ ft
Difficulty (1-5) = 5

Description: A fourth of July classic! Join us as we ride up GMR/GRR to Baldy Village and the ski lifts.

August 19 - Palomar Perfection (50 mi)

Start: Harrah’s Casino

33750 Valley Center Rd. Valley Center, CA 92082

Time: 6:45 am announcements. 7:00 am departure SHARP
Ride Route: RideWithGPS
Elevation: 7,400+ feet
Difficulty (1-5) = 4

Description: One of the first ever Epic Rides for Cal Tri, this San Diego climb has been featured in the Tour of California and is regularly listed as one of the best climbs in California. We will be starting at the casino and heading up the East face of the mountain. Once at the top you will have the option of heading straight back down the East face to the parking lot or you can head down the South face for 12 miles and then turn and climb that side of the mountain before heading down the East side. Either way, it is destined to be a great day in the saddle.

September 30 - Santa Barbara (xx mi)

Start: Burbank Amtrak Station

Time: 6:45 am announcements. 7:00 am departure SHARP

Ride Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/18144901
Elevation: 2,700
Difficulty: 3


November 11 - Dawson’s Saddle + Mt. Wilson (100 mi)

Start: Performance Bikes (Pasadena)
Time: 6:45 am announcements. 7:00 am departure SHARP
Ride Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/18140784
Elevation: 12,000
Difficulty: 5

Description: This is a twist on the Cloud Burst ride. We will ride to Dawson’s Saddle and have lunch on our way back at Newcomb’s Ranch. There will be an additional option to climb to Mt. Wilson as well.

May 6 - Malibu Madness (80 mi)

Start: Performance Bike (Woodland Hills)
6400 Owensmouth Ave., Woodland Hills, CA 91367

Time: 6:45 am announcements. 7:00 am departure SHARP
This epic ride takes us to the Santa Monica Mountains which includes Potrero, Kanan, Rock Store, Encinal, Decker, Yerba Buena & Mulholland.
Ride Route: RideWithGPS
Elevation:  8,600 ft
Difficulty (1-5) = 4

Description: We will be exploring the canyons of the Santa Monica mountains above Malibu. Challenge yourself on the storied climbs such as Decker, Mulholland, Encinal, Yerba Buena, etc. There will be multiple routes for this ride so you can decide how much madness you are looking for.

From the starting location, ride to the SAG stop and back for a nice 50 miles ride with a good amount of climbing. From the SAG stop, you can choose to tackle a 10 mile loop, a 20 mile loop or both loops for bragging rights.

This gives people a 50 mile, 60 mile, 70 mile, and 80 mile option. There’s something for everyone! Ask anyone who’s done this ride and they will tell you that it is well worth the burning legs!

SAG support will be located near the intersection of Mulholland x Decker.

Meeting point is the Performance Bike store in Woodland Hills.

March 25 - Angels & Demons (80 mi)

*** SOLD OUT ***

Start: Amtrak Station Anaheim
2626 East Katella Avenue
Anaheim, CA 92806

Time: 6:30 am check-in. 6:45 am announcements. 7:00 am departure SHARP
Depart Anaheim to Solana Beach through Balboa Island and Camp Pendleton. Return via Amtrak.
Ride Route: RideWithGPS
Elevation:  2,100 ft
Difficulty (1-5) = 3

Description: An epic ride classic. Angels & Demons is an 80 mile cruise from Anaheim (Amtrak Station) to Pizza Port in Solana Beach. The ride mainly follows the coast and passes through Camp Pendleton. Highlights include riding on the ferry from Balboa Island, Camp Pendleton, and beautiful coastal views. After enjoying your pizza and beer, return via Amtrak from Solana Beach to Anaheim.

Due to construction on the tracks from Solana Beach, we have to take a bus to the Oceanside station and catch the train from there. Please book either of the following bus/train combo tickets back.


3983 Thruway Bus
2:50pm - 3:20pm
583 Pacific Surfliner
3:45pm - 5:01pm


3985 Thruway Bus
3:55pm - 4:30pm
785 Pacific Surfliner
4:53pm - 6:10pm

We will have 2 uHauls for this ride and your bike will be waiting in Anaheim when you return.

In addition to bringing your ID, you must fill out the Camp Pendleton Access form in order to ride through the base. If you do not do so you will be turned away at the checkpoint.

Camp Pendleton Bike Route Access Form

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