The data in the map above can be viewed by the number of finishers and by race date.  We also have some data on IM Full Distance and IM Half Distance races

60 GRASSROOTS HALFS ADDED! California Triathlon is proud to add 60 grassroots HALF distance triathlons from over 40 states to our calendar. These races are affordable with options starting at $100 with most under $200 and the race directors rolling out the red carpet to deliver each race as a special and unique experience. Besides featuring the races to the California Triathlon membership, we are opening up our S.P.R.I.N.T. 90 Day free mentor and coaching program to athletes who race any of the FEATURED grassroots races and in turn the races are featuring California Triathlon to their audience.

$10,000 OF SWAG. To sweeten the pot a bit when you finish one of the featured races [HALF distance] you will be eligible for over $10,000 worth of SWAG including race entries, wetsuits, helmets, gear and more as well as being featured by California Triathlon on our social media.

Join the 17,000 athletes who finished a grassroots half in 2016.

What do athletes need to do to participate in the California Triathlon GRAND PRIX USA?

Step 1: Become a California Triathlon member, you only have to do this once and its free. You can do that on our join/sign in page.

Step 2: Register for one of our featured races, these races have a red pin in the map above.  You will have to register using the race’s registration page.

Step 3: Find your race in the calendar and click on the attending box.  Once you finish your race you will be eligible for the monthly drawing of the SWAG.

Sprint GraduateStep 4: If you want to take advantage of the resources (training plan, coaches, mentors) in the S.P.R.I.N.T. program, go to its page and if you like what you see sign up.


 Calendar of Featured Races

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