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      I often get asked what to put in a saddle bag for a group or solo ride. For me, my setup on my road vs. tri bike is virtually the same except I use a saddle bag on the road bike and a bottle canister on the tri. For both, I carry…

      At times, I’ve carried the following too…

      I also carry cash, ID, credit card, insurance card and cell phone but those I keep in my jersey pocket. While I know it’s unlikely my saddle bag will come off my bike, I’m paranoid just enough that I feel they are safer with me than strapped to the bike.

      I thing to remember too is to check your setup before you head out for your ride. There is nothing worse than to think you have everything and then when you do get a flat find out your CO2 supply has been used up by a previous flat. Been there…done that.

      Do you carry something different in your saddle bag? Did I miss anything?

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