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      Are you fellow athletes monitoring and mixing up your training intensities? From what I gather, a lot of athletes are training on one or 2 styles – moderate speed or crash and burn pace.

      There are also three styles of training that people are doing from what I hear. Which one are you?

      In order of most common to less from my conversations :

      Random Trainings – training is random. Can consist of what you feel like, or have time for.
      Mixed Trainings – same mix of training week in and week out regardless of perdiorization.
      Peridorization – systematic and methodical planning from general to specific fitness for your A race.

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        I would have to say my training is a mix of all of the above. My training typically starts out based on what my projected race schedule looks like for the year. This year I was hoping to actually start a periodized training log and write in my races and training and what not.

        This is where abit of the randomness comes in. This year got off to a wet and cold start so training had to be what ever I could get in when I could get it. Like all of us I suffered certain life events that added upsets to the training schedule. So it has been a big amount of get out and get in some kind of training as often as possible. I tend to be a weekend warrior in regards to training. Typically Fridays is swim day, Sat and Sun are bike and run days with Monday being either a recovery or extra swim day.

        On the mixed side of things I was falling into the trap of doing the same runs over and over again, but I catch these and force myself to ‘break out’ of the rut. But still not enough distance running.

        My training this year has included a new set of swim workouts that have been very structured and paying great dividends. So far I have got in about 34,000 yards of swimming, about 130 miles of running and just shy of 300 miles on the bike.

        With St George 70.3 in just a few short weeks, my training intensity is about to go through the roof for the next couple weeks as I make a last ditch attempt to catch up on training for the big race.

        Anyways, thats where I am at in regards to training

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