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      It’s a tender topic for some. What is the best bike seat? Does the width of your sit bones matter? What do you ride that is amazing?

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      Mark K.
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        Some food for thought provided by ISM:

        Hello Mark,

        Thanks for your e-mail, and interest in ISM!

        We do not use sit bone measurement, as it is not particularly relevant to our saddles’ ability to get 100% blood flow results. All traditional-style saddles cause significant pressure on the perineum (soft tissue), resulting in numbness and loss of blood flow. Some saddle manufacturers use sit bone width as a guide (note that it’s impossible to accurately measure sit bone width without an x-ray). What they’re trying to do is put you on a saddle that’s at least as wide as your sit bones, in order to prop your hips up, to take some of the pressure off the front of the saddle. We’ve eliminated the front 2-3 inches (or 5-8 centimeters) of nose entirely, and our patented shape eliminates the pressure entirely from soft tissue – so you don’t need to prop the hips up artificially to get full blood flow. Also, there can be a tradeoff when you use a very wide saddle – the wider it is, the greater the chance that your legs will hit the sides of the saddle while pedaling.

        The other secret of the industry is that when you rotate your hips forward (e.g. on a road bike or triathlon bike), you do not sit on your sit bones. With traditional style saddles, you rotate forward off of the sit bones, and on to the soft tissue. With ISM, you rotate on to your pubic rami, which are the next bones just inside of the sit bones. Some riders on traditional seats will rotate their hips back in order to protect themselves, but this often results in a loss of power to the pedals.

        This video has some visuals that help to explain how our saddles function:

        And this page will help you choose your best ISM saddle (it is based on the type of bike / position you ride, along with your personal preferences):

        Also be sure to take a look at our Setup Guide, which shows you how to properly install ISM saddles:

        Thank you,

        Greg Kopecky
        Brand Commander

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