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    Anthony Grey
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      I’ve been seeing a lot of targeted ads and marketing emails from traditional athletic brands pushing active wear as lifestyle fashion, and it’s leaving me a little… conflicted.

      My initial, visceral reaction is negative, conjuring images of people in workout gear who have probably never run or even gone near a gym (but who am I to say they haven’t “earned” it? People can wear what they want, live and let live!). Or people who are athletic, but feel the need to advertise it all the time by wearing the trappings, which is only intensified by the filtered versions we project of ourselves on social media (ok, who among us hasn’t worn a race shirt or hat and enjoyed that little bit of adulation you get when someone comments on it?).

      Maybe I haven’t been paying that much attention until recently but it seems like running retailers and brands are making a strong play to market running shoes you wear when you’re not running. A couple of examples:

      Saucony – Life On The Run

      Roadrunner Sports -24.7 Shoes – This looks like a list of primarily legit (and expensive) running shoes, edited down to include only the more neutral & solid color choices.

      Sometimes I’ll wear running shoes the day after a particularly hard run or track session because I feel like my feet need some extra cushioning and support. However those shoes are the ones that I’ve taken out of the rotation after 300+ miles of running wear on them (yet still look presentable enough to keep around as walking shoes).

      When I’ve invested in a new pair of running shoes, I want to run in them, then take them off as soon as possible so I don’t wear them down unnecessarily or shorten their useful life spent training & racing. Is that silly? I’ve never considered buying a pair of running shoes and NOT using them for their intended purpose (serious running). Should I?

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      Kim Degen
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        I would say if what you are doing is working then don’t change it.

        In my case, I’m pretty much always in running shoes. However I have shoes that are strictly for running and then another pair that I use for all other times. I’m lucky enough that I don’t need to “dress up” for work so I can wear whatever footwear I want so I choose to wear running shoes because they makes my feet happy. 😉

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        Caitlin Nicholas
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          I feel like I look like a jock most of the time so when given the opportunity, I like to dress feminine and stylish. If so many companies are creating these non running athletic shoes, there must be a demand for it. Maybe many people like to appear active, with out actually having to sweat.

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            I have a weird belief that walking in running shoes is not good for them, due to the different mechanics. This is probably poppycock however.

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            Monica Lee
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              I actually have multiple pairs of shoes. If I am running and racing I use my running shoes. If I am going for a hike or walk or lifting weights I use another pair of shoes so that I won’t wear down my running shoes. This way I am still getting good support on whatever exercises I am doing.

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              Sara Clifford Randolph
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                I wear running shoes and running clothes more than I care to admit. In fact, when I actually wear a dress or fancy shoes – my kids will tell me that I have my “real clothes on”.

                While it’s fun to dress up – I feel more comfy in my running shoes and casual clothes…. but I don’t wear my biking shorts to the grocery store …. ok, maybe once or twice 🙂

                Same goes for my hair – when my hair is not wrapped up in a chlorine/sweat smelling bun, people do not recognize me.


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