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      Dave is going to be the guest on an upcoming California Triathlon Soup podcast.. If your question is chosen we will send you a new 23 ounce California Triathlon Soup mug.

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      David Shostak
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        1. What attracted you to become a triathlete
        2. What one tip can you provide to make us a better more efficient triathlete in our training.
        3. What one tip is there to overcome the mental aspects of being a triathlete.

        David Shostak

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        Mark K.
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          1). What trend in triathlon would you like to see go away?

          2). What is the biggest innovation you have seen in triathlon (equipment vs. training technique)?

          3). How do we make triathlon more diverse (gender, ethnicity, etc.)?

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          Marie Dhaine
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            Tell us about the toughest experience you’ve had during a race,and how you overcome it?

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