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    Kim Degen
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      With only one tri left for me this season, I can the off-season coming very quickly. While I always say I’ll work on my swim that never seems to happen so I will admit my only true plan will be to hit the dirt trails for some hiking and running.

      I would imagine most triathletes will be done soon too so what are your plans? Are you going to sit on the couch for the next few months? Try something different? Focus on improving your swim? Or maybe no off-season planned?

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      Anthony Grey
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        I like to always be training even if there aren’t races on the calendar, that way the ramp up comes easier once the races start up again. For me, some level of physical activity is required to counteract all of those holiday meals and fight off seasonal depression. If I go too long without a good workout, I will start to feel physically and mentally sluggish.

        I will probably go from being a triathlete to just being a runner again for a while. I enjoy running in the cooler weather and there are several options to race everything from 5Ks to marathons & trail ultras all through the winter months. However I am also intrigued by the idea of really focusing on improvement in one of the disciplines. Swimming 3x per week (preferably indoors) doesn’t sound half bad. Thanks!

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        Tim Bena
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          My plans are to take it easy for a month after my last race; no real planned workouts, just hiking, swimming leisurely focusing on form, long bike rides with friends and family, some long runs, lots of rest. Then a month long prep for the training season; more structured weeks focusing on the basic building blocks of fitness. Then back into training. It’s important to take time off to recuperate.

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          Monica Lee
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            Do more weight lifting, yoga, and shorter rides and runs.

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