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      Many triathletes are not always sure what to do when training for the swim portion of a triathlon. How long should I swim for? What drills should I do to become more efficient in the water? What drill can I do that gets the most bang for my buck? My favorite drill is the one armed drill.

      One armed drill: isolates one arm at a time and helps improve shoulder rotation and to drive the hips. It also forces you to reach and pull all the way through with your stoke.

      How to: start with the right arm stroking and keep the left arm by your side. When breathing, breath away from the arm that is stroking. With each stroke, roll and reach all the way forward rotating the shoulder. The hip should fire along with the shoulder that is stoking. If you focus on rotating and popping the hips (pointing them down towards the black line on the bottom of the pool), the kick will naturally follow with a two beat kick. Try to maximize your stroke by reaching all the way forward and pulling all the way through.

      Suggested set: 6 x 75
      25-right arm
      25-left arm
      20 seconds rest between each swim

      *When doing drills, don’t focus on how fast you are going, focus on the technique.

      What is your favorite swimming drill? Post below 🙂

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        Thanks for sharing!

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          Thanks for sharing.. definitely gonna work on this drill.

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