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      100% swimming for me. I get out of the pool, whether it is morning or evening swim, and am famished. A 60 minute swim will make me more hungry than a 3 hour bike. I hardly ever get hungry right after a run.

      There has to be some sort of research on this….

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      Marie Dhaine
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        Saying I’m hungry after a swim is an understatement! As soon as I step out of the pool (and sometimes still in the pool),all I can think about is what I going to eat when I’m done!
        The worse part is that I actually stay hungry for about half a day after a swim…
        Here is why:

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        Sara Clifford Randolph
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          Definitely swimming for me! My kids know them when I get home from the pool in the morning, the first thing I’m diving into is breakfast!!! 🙂

          The Run Fast Eat Slow Cookbook has some great recipes for make-ahead breakfast. The breakfast burrito and superhero muffins can be frozen and reheated quickly.

          I am also rarely hungry after a long run but I know it’s important to get in some recovery nutrition after a hard workout so I usually have a protein shake or chocolate almond milk. If it’s hot out, sometimes I’ll throw a banana, almond milk, scoop of protein, and some ice in the blender for a refreshing shake.

          I also mix up FLUID recovery and freeze it in a popsicle mold.

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            Kim Degen
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              Popsicles! That’s such a great idea, Sara. Thanks for sharing.

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            Robert C
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              Swimming for sure, absolutely starving after a hour plus swim workout. I stop by the local health food joint and grab a bundle of bananas, some dark chocolate nibs, maybe some coconut and hemp treats with a large water. Nothing survives the drive home from Lancaster to Mojave, just empty wrappers and banana peels, lol!

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                I get super hungry post a long bike ride (3+hours) or 2+hour long run. Looks like I’m the oddball so far since everyone gets hungry after swimming, hehehe!

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                Monica Lee
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                  I think the main reason most people are hungry after a swim is that the water temperature is colder so our bodies need to regulate our temperature more. Another possibility could be the positioning of our bodies in the water being horizontal and then we stand up right where the blood flow could go back into the the stomach. Just some thoughts 🙂 Your bodies have enough glucose or carbohydrate in them to sustain them to your best performance for about 90 minutes if you have the correct diet. Longer forms of exercise without eating would make you hungry.

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                  Harrison Shao
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                    I’m always hungry.

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