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      My season is over, and I am planning for next year for myself and the chapter. I’ve learned a ton this year, so thank you to our members and the posters in our forum, especially our other chapter leads and coaches. I’ve become a better student of the sport and have been reading some of Dr. Phil Maffetone’s work. We link to him in our Training Plan‘s tab under the 180 Method link.

      So I am setting up a “base period” over the next few months to make gains in cardiovascular fitness. His methods fly in the face of every gym teacher, drill sergeant, coach, and a lot of literature that I have read. But his having trained a 6-time Ironman Kona champion to win has me looking seriously at his methods.

      Does anyone else use his techniques? What are the thoughts and opinions of our tribe of “going slow to go fast”? From what I’ve read it definitely has me respecting the time for base training a lot more.

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        Mark- I have used the MAF function training method in the off season. I am a huge proponent of going slow to get fast, however there are a few things you have to keep in mind. Based off the HR (180 minus age give or take a few) I found the running to be painfully slow, I even had to walk sometimes to keep my HR down. I also found it annoying to have to be looking at my watch to make sure my HR wasn’t creeping over MAF. I also found it hard to run with groups as in a group run someone is always pushing the pace and before you know it your HR is way over MAF. Eventually I gave up and ditched my HR monitor (sorry I just feel free without it!). I have heard that you also have to put in a lot of volume in order to see any benefit from it as well as some people respond quicker to MAF than others (a few rare cases where MAF doesn’t work for some people).

        Keep in mind that this is my own experience and as I mentioned above I have heard of several people having great success with MAF, you just have to be patient (I unfortunately am not patient) and stick with it. If you like listening to podcasts check out “Endurance Planet,” which is primarily centered around MAF and fat burning/fat adaptation. Dr. Maffetone is also a regular guest on the show. Hope this helps and would be interested to see how your off season goes if you stick with it!


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