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    Mark Keskes
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      So other than moving to Costa Rica where I could OWS year round, what is the best way to store a wetsuit over the winter? Hang it up? flat? in a box? a bag? What works and keeps a suit serviceable for years to come?

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      Marina Ortiz
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        Serviceable for years? Not sure, but I do keep mine in the closet on a hanger.

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          You can store your wetsuit in a few ways…

          If you have the space under a bed or sofa, you could lay it flat out of harms way and cover it over with a sheet to keep dust off it.

          You can hang it but we recommend using a wide rounded shoulder hanger, not a thin one like a wire hanger.

          You can also leave it loosely folded but don’t stack anything on top of it.

          I hope this helps. 🙂

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