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      Hello team,

      So as many of you know I will be moving to cleveland at the end of this summer ( i am secretely attracted to winters lol) so given that I know ZERO people over there, I was wondering if any of you could connect me to any fellow runner, cyclist, swimmer, triathlete, or even yoga-lite. It would be great to have an idea on training locations out there before i move. After all I am moving in the middle of 140.6 training so i must keep the momentum.

      I would really appreciate:D and oh my will I miss you guys in Cali 😀


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        i know tons of people from there but they mostly engage in the sport of drinking whilst watching sports. and most live in LA now.

        i did a quick internet search and there is a tri club in the land of cleve. google it. while i’d hate to see you race in colors other than caltri i do understand the need for group training and a support system.


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        Anthony Grey
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          Marcos! I have a triathlete friend who is originally from Cleveland but she moved to CA and has been here for several years. Still, it may be worth an ask. I’ll see what I can find out. There are also triathletes all over social media, especially on Instagram, so it may be worth a few posts about your upcoming move (“Hello Cleveland!”) with some of the more common tri-related hashtags, then see who comes out of the woodwork.

          Instead of joining another tri club in Cleveland, you should be the trailblazer for starting a Cal Tri chapter out there, bringing affordable & accessible triathlon to the Midwest (I hear Chicago may be in the works too). Wear those colors & that “California” across your chest with pride! Besides, friends don’t let friends pay club membership fees.

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          Ben Vanmarcke
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            Hi Marcos,

            I lived in Cleveland for 2.5 years – moved there end of 2012 from Pasadena but moved back mid 2015. I know tons of triathletes there! Where are you going to live in ‘the LAND’ or ‘The CLE’ as they call it? I used to live in Mentor which is about 20 minutes east of CLE along the lake.

            You will find that there is a very substantial triathlon community in the area – in fact there are way more races than in the LA area and they’re much more convenient to get to. And cheaper! People will try to talk you into doing the American Triple T – which isn’t in Cleveland but all the way down near Kentucky – but it is the coolest race you can ever do (a stage races consisting of a sprint tri on Friday evening, an olympic Saturday AM, an olympic Saturday PM, and a 70.3 on Sunday – and yes you do all of them).

            As to triathletes and triathlon clubs in the area, first of all you should go on facebook and search for the Cleveland Tri Club an post something in their page (say hi). Their page is extremely active, is their communication hangout for anything. It’s great and pretty much anyone that does triathlon will be a member of the Cleveland Tri Club (CTC). CTC is open to anyone but has membership dues – something around $25 per year.

            Next there are maybe 6-7 smaller tri clubs that are invitation only or through an application processs. Examples are Snakebite Racing, BAFF Multisport (which I was a member of), Vertical Runner, Team Bicycle Hub, Spin Cycle, … these tend to be clubs of 20-25 members or so which will have some more of a core / team focus, get some better sponsorship deals but expect you to help promote the businesses a bit more or volunteer at an event. I wouldn’t worry about those at the moment, all members of those clubs will be members of CTC anyways so CTC is definitely the place to get started.

            Finally – some further advice:
            1. if you’re going to be living in the snowbelt, get a snowblower
            2. snow is heavier than you think – get a snowblower
            3. it sucks when you’re in a rush to get to work and there was a foot of snow overnight –> get a snowblower


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            Marcos Moya
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              Well Guys,

              thank you very much for the tips and insights. I am definitely going to have to master up my plan to become social up there and meet people in the community.
              One thing is for certain, I will be posting a picture of me flying my CALTRI colors in the snow using my snowblower.

              Thanks yall!

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