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      I am the proud father of a 12 year old young lady. In a week and a half she will be competing in her third triathlon. She’s competed in the first two Trick or Tris racing on her own in the Sprint and though I’ve competed in the Big Bear Olympic for the past three years, she asked if she could do the Big Bear Sprint. I’m going to do the Sprint with her because I wanted to share the race with her. We hear so often about the scourge of obesity in our kids, they would rather compete in video games than get on a bicycle I am so lucky that my daughter wants to share in an activity, a sport, that I so enjoy. I fully believe triathlon is a great way to get kids moving, give them healthy habits and help them build self esteem. Training with your kids may not make you faster (though she can kick my a$$ in the swim without even trying) but I know it helps bring you and your kid closer. Our training runs aren’t fast but we have really good discussions that are impossible when she’s binge watching Netflix. Our bike rides take us to places and areas that she hasn’t ridden before and gives us a chance to explore. What am I saying, give it a tri! Bring your kid to one of the runs at A Runners Circle, or do your own Brick at the Rose Bowl on a Wednesday. Maybe your kid isn’t ready for a Tri on their own, get the family involved and do a relay. Let them do the leg they feel the most comfortable with and work as a family team. Triathlons are an awesome sport to bring the best out of you and your kids.

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      Anthony Grey
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        Thanks for sharing! These are the kinds of stories that reaffirm my love of the sport and my desire to share it with others.

        Right now I do some easy bike rides with my three year old in her toddler seat (she offers a running commentary about everything she sees). Sometimes we run together down the block. I look forward to her swim lessons almost as much as she does. These experiences help pull me out of the mental rut I can sometimes fall into with so many hours of training spent away from family.

        I’d love to start her off with a fun run or tot trot. Any suggestions for good ones around LA/SoCal?

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          Yes! What a great story, Les! My kid just demanded running shoes after seeing a little guy her age come in from finishing 3 miles at ARC last week. She came to track workout w/me and did a few laps. It was so awesome. Anthony, this may be too long for your little one (and not in your neck of the woods), but the Thanksgiving day 5k I ran this year has a kid’s mile, and parents can run alongside their kids for free. It’s in La CaƱada (http://www.cclcf.org/index.lasso?L9_PAGE=dynamic_page&PG_ID=25). I’m sure there’s many others (and shorter, too).

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          Sara Clifford Randolph
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            I also love sharing the sport of triathlon with my kids. My kids are all on swim team and can swim circles around me!

            All 4 of my kids (ranging in age from 13 to 7) will be competing in a triathlon at the end of the summer. I have given my kids 3-4 workouts per week and they choose when they want to do the workouts. It’s fun to see how they arrange the workouts in their day — I guess they’ve heard mom and dad talk about brick workouts and spacing out the intensity of workouts quite often around the house and I love to hear their rationale for planning out their week.

            I am the official “water carrier” for my 7 year old on her runs and she has been doing her bike training while I run. There’s nothing that gets me moving faster than a little girl saying “Mom, you look like you’re struggling – should I slow down?”

            I think this is a great way to get kids moving without forcing them into a set plan – it’s also a great way to spend time with your kids as Les mentioned. Teaching them how to fuel with good foods and proper rest is an important life skill.

            Do I see a Cal Tri Kid’s Team in our future??????

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