I forgot my watch or erased my workout!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!

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    Caitlin Nicholas
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      I feel like sometimes I can be a slave to my watch, which can take away some of the joys this sport brings me. One day in swim practice the battery ran out. I swam using the time clock and just swam, not worrying about my watch. Growing up a swimmer, I never used a watch and to get a time, it had to be done at a swim meet or the old fashioned way. At first I was annoyed that I couldn’t upload my workout to Strava, but as the practice went on I felt that joy of just swimming I had growing up. The feeling of your hands propelling you through the water, the focus on technique, and that perfect flip turn that helped you pull ahead of the teammate you were racing in practice. Sometimes I forget these simple joys when logging miles.

      As they say, ” if there isn’t a picture or its not on Strava, it didn’t happen.” Well, we know in our hearts when we kill it at a workout, post or no post. I challenge you to leave your watch at home one day.

      Comments, please post below 🙂

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      Kim Degen
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        I can’t do it! As much as I hate being a slave to the watch/data, it would totally mess with me to not have the workout recorded. And yes, I’m one of those people who has turned around and went back to get the watch when I’ve forgotten it at home.

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        Anthony Grey
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          That feeling when you’ve just crushed an amazing workout and you can’t wait to see how you did it (your splits, your heart rate, whether you climbed the leaderboard on any Strava segments) but then, poof! I’ve has this happen a couple of times where I can see it on my watch but it “fails to upload.” It sucks!

          I was definitely a happier runner and triathlete before I had the watch. I could go by feel. The negative thoughts wouldn’t start in reaction to not holding my goal pace (because I wouldn’t know, or at least I wouldn’t have the watch to tell me even if I “knew” in my heart). I ran my first marathon without a watch and my time was a surprise that revealed itself to me only when I reached the finish line.

          Now I am too obsessed with the data, too accustomed to having it at my disposal, and too prone to be really annoyed when things don’t work the way their supposed to on the technology side. Talk about first world problems.

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          Megan Severa
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            There have been times when my watch has died early on in a run, and I’ve loved the feeling of being able to just enjoy the run without being a slave to the numbers. And being a competitive swimmer by background, I never, ever wear my watch in the pool. It drives me nuts to feel it on my wrist, and I prefer the more old-school method of counting my laps and using the pace clock. Plus you can always identify the triathletes in the pool by their enormous watches, and I would rather be a little more incognito. 😉

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