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      How are scores calculated?
      Every athlete is given a score based on their time for completing an event.

      The score is determined by calculating the average time of the event for all participants and then dividing the average time by each individual’s time and then multiplying by 100.

      For example, if the average time for a races was 63 minutes and an athlete completed the race in 59 minutes, they would get a score of 63/59 * 100 = 106.8. So, if your time is equal to the average time, you would be awarded 100 points. You get more points for a faster time and less points if your time is slower than the average.

      These are “normalized” scores because they can be compared across athletes, races, and distances. If athlete #1 gets a score of 109 in one race and athlete #2, in a different race, scores a 105, then you can conclude that athlete #1 did better in their race then athlete #2 did in theirs.

      A race series has a minimum number of required races. Your series score is the average of your best races using only the minumum number of races. So if the mininum is 3 races and an athlete races 5 races then only their best 3 races are used to calculate the series score

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