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      Is it possible? I have been in pretty much constant training/racing mode for the last few years. For the last 2 years I have been stuck at 170lbs and 20% body fat. I have tried counting calories, I have tried macros, I have tried logging my foods, etc.

      If I try to cut calories, I will lose weight in muscle mass, so for instance I can drop to 165lb but still be 20% body fat. Also when I am training hard prior to a race, I tend to bulk up because I am consuming so many calories. Again if I try to restrict, I end up either with minor injuries or much longer recovery times.

      In regards to diet, I am about 85% vegan, 100% vegetarian. I will just call it plant based. Although I might enjoy yogurt occasionally, I might even have a veggie omelette once a year. Mostly its fruits, beans, veggies, salads, potatoes, etc…

      I have also found that if I cut out say avocados and nuts for months, nothing changes. So it doesn’t seem to be whether I cut out ‘fats’ per say. As long as I am not sitting on my arse and eating bags of peanuts, things will always stay the same….170lbs and 20% body fat.

      Little back story, winter 2013 I was 260lbs and on the verge of having severe health issues. I went plant based and started running, then biking, then swimming, and well I got St George 70.3 in 3 weeks 😉
      Basically though I lost 90lbs from winter of 2013 to summer of 2015. Since May of 2015 I have been stuck. I might go up or down 5lbs or 1-2% body fat over the course of the year, down during summer, up during winter.

      Long story short; Is it possible to train and race virtually year round and still get lean???

      This is important for a few reasons, health, increased speed and endurance in sports and take abit more load of my 47yr old knees. I almost feel like I have to just stop racing, stop cardio, stop training and just focus only on getting lean. But I don’t want to stop training or racing.

      Frustrated is how I feel about it all. Not sure what to do anymore and thinking perhaps I should just give up trying to get lean and embrace my spare tire and feed it chocolate!

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      Monica Lee
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        That is quite an accomplishment to lose 90lbs. There could be a few factors to reduce your body fat. Ideally you could be at a healthy weight already and losing fat may not help your performance. It is hard to tell because I have not seen your diet or know your height and weight so, I have no idea how much you are intaking and what type of carbohydrates, proteins and fats you are consuming. I can see you have tried to reduce your calorie consumption and you lost muscle mass, which may mean you reduced too many calories. Timing of nutrition is key in our sport. It is also vital the nutrients you are consuming. You don’t have to stop racing, but there are downtimes in your race/ training schedule and your diet should reflect higher and lower calorie amounts based upon your training schedules or off time periods. Resting in our sport is also just as important for our bodies to recover and be able to adapt.

        Also have you done anything else besides swimming, biking and running? Such as lifting or core exercises?

        Feel free to contact me individually we can go over this in more detail:

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          Robert C
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            Hello Monica,

            Thank you for your thoughtful reply, I have have sent you an email in regards to this.

            Thank you for your offer to help.

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