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      What tricks of the trade are there to remove your wetsuit as efficiently as possible? I know about using Tri Slide. The hardest part seems to be getting it over the heel of your foot.

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        Per Dean Jackson, Founder of HUUB….

        Ok so removing a wetsuit with speed.

        Firstly. The wetter the suit the quicker it’s off. So don’t worry about running toward transition. Get out the water and get it off. Of course the fastest zipper is the huub breakaway. Additional tips

        Cut the ankles. Not straight though , at an angle. Look at the circumference of you cut at an angle for front to back higher. Higher up call at Back than front. This can doible opening size which really makes release easy. Check your wetsuit. Here at huub we tape the seams inside with liquid seal do you can just cut it

        Practice. Sounds silly but how often . Have you practised removal?

        Take your time, you’ll be quicker. Sounds silly but true. Panic and haste don’t help and also too much panic leaves you hoping around transition and can damage your suit

        Lube or glide really helps. Apply well but use a dispenser where your hands don’t get covered. Otherwise holding on handlebars may be tough.

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