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      this is regarding the BOD Candidate Patty People Resh responses to the questions asked by California Triathlon…

      it amazes me how people running for the board of directors (and everybody who is part of USAT) are so out of touch with reality when it comes to triathlon Costs… Patty: the USAT $15 dollar one day fee is a HUGE deterrent from people entering the sport… HUGE ONE!!! specially on small budget and/or local races.

      this has always been a topic of discussion on the race director forum and the #1 complain from new athletes, and one of the major reasons why many first timers don’t come back. Just ask any race director in the country.
      Things will not change until the people running the sport understand it.
      It reminds me of Democrats, they are so out of touch with reality that still don’t understand why the lost the election…

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