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    Mark K.
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      Good evening Cal Tri,

      My tires need replacing and have served well. What brand/model of tires would you suggest for a clydesdale using a road bike?

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        Continental 4000S. The key part there is the “S” at the end. You can find the best deals by searching for it on Google. I think Marie Dhane picked some up a couple months ago on the cheap.

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        Marie Dhaine
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          I just purchased the continental tires a few weeks ago and I love them!
          I found a pretty good deal at the time on that website:

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          David Chen
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            I use Continental 4-Seasons on my road bike. They get good grip and are puncture resistent even on dirt roads with lots of loose gravel.

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            Michael H
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              If you decide to go tubeless, I love my Hutchinson Intensive 2 tires. Nice predicable handling and they wear like iron. They also go to 28c which is great for the ride quality. Really Plush.

              Shop around of course…this is about as low as I’ve seen:×28-road-tire-black/0609219

              Keep in mind that, unless you have disc brakes, running a wider (>23c) tire will make it harder to clear your rim brakes when removing your wheel.

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              Mike Hoberg
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                I’ve had great luck with Continental Gatorskins and Michelin Airstop (butyl) tubes.

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