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    Sara Clifford Randolph
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      Do you check the weather days before a race or a long training session?

      Yesterday, I had a long run and we were supposed to get some big rain storms later in the day. I watched the weather the night before and thought ‘perfect – I’ll be able to get my run done before the big rain hits … about 10 minutes into my run it started to rain, not hard but enough to accumulate on my sunglasses. (I didn’t wear a visor – oops!). The rain and wind stopped and started throughout my run and I thought ‘so much for checking the weather!’

      Instead of getting frustrated or cutting my run short, I decided that anything can happen on raceday so I might as well practice running in soggy sneakers.

      ….. given the choice to start a bike ride in the rain and I’ll definitely choose the trainer 🙂

      When packing for a race, I often pack items for any type of weather just to make sure I have the right gear on race day. Arm sleeves are hard to put on after the swim, but definitely worth it not to shiver on the bike.

      How do you prepare for weather in training or racing?

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      Kim Degen
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        No weather watching for me until the night of the event or training day and even then sometimes I don’t pay attention until the morning. This means I’m probably packing more clothes in my luggage when traveling to an event but I don’t stress about something I have no control over. Plus I’ve come to the conclusion Mother Nature hates me so there is 90% chance it’s going to rain no matter where I’m at. 😉

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        Anthony Grey
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          Timely. I’ve been checking the extended forecast religiously for the last week or so to see what Boston has in store for us on 4/17. I guess it’s a little different when you have to travel for an event and packing is a constraint vs. waking up in the morning and heading to a local race. The points about not stressing because you have no control over the weather are well taken. You take what the day gives you and if the weather makes it a tough day, then guess what, it’s a tough day for everyone else too.

          Is there a particular weather site or app that you’ve found more reliable (or perhaps I should say “less unreliable”)?

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            Almost daily, hehehe! I use Weather Underground app. I like the data it provides along with the graphs, tables, and UV information. 🙂

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              I like to “weather shop”. Find the best forecast and go with that one. 🙂

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