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    Marc Geraldez
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      Anybody have any experience using the Air Relax? I’ve been researching it for a while and am about to take the plunge.

      To share my findings:

      Pros of Air Relax
      – More affordable than NormaTec
      – Actually labeled as a medical device so Flex Spending can be used for it
      – Has pressure settings higher than NormaTec

      Cons of Air Relax
      – Not portable, ie unable to use in a car after a race because it needs to be plugged in
      – Sessions are maxed at 15 minutes vs the multiple time settings of NormaTec. Granted, I can just start another session.

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      Sam Papageorge
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        So not exactly the answer youre probably looking for but I went with Rapid Reboot. I love the boots and their customer service is awesome!I broke a tiny little piece on it in the first month and they replaced the entire set of boots immediately. According to their sizing guide im right on the boarder of Large and Medium, I ordered large and they were a little big and they have free size exchanges. They sent a free t-shirt for registering the warranty (im a whore for free stuff). And after a a couple months of having the boots they called just to check in about how im liking them and if there was anything they could help me with. The final kicker for me was they accept PayPal, and PayPal credit has 0% financing for 6 months if you pay it off in 6 months.

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        Marc Geraldez
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          Thanks for sharing Sam! I ended up going with Air Relax and loving it!

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