Pete Magill

Pete Magill brings four decades of running and coaching experience to every athlete he mentors and training schedule he creates. Through his Running Corps programs, he’s helped athletes of every age and ability achieve their running goals. For the Rose Bowl Fitness Festival, Magill has custom-designed 12-week programs to create optimum running fitness for all race distances from 5K to the Half Marathon.

About Pete Magill

Pete Magill is a 54-year-old masters runner and coach, co-author of the book Build Your Running Body (The Experiment, 2014), and author of the soon-to-be published book The Born Again Runner (The Experiment, 2016). Magill has coached at the youth, high school, open, and masters (age 40+) levels. And over the past decade, he’s led his Southern California clubs to 19 masters national team championships in cross country and road racing. Magill’s individual achievements include:

  • 6-Time Masters National Cross Country Champion
  • Fastest-ever American age 50+ at 5K (15:01) and 10K (31:11); 2nd fastest for the Half Marathon (1:10:19)
  • Oldest American to break 15 minutes for 5K (14:45 at age 49)

Coaching Philosophy

Magill’s approach is based upon a simple premise: If you want to become a better runner, you must begin by building a better running body. Just as weightlifters target muscle groups, Magill targets the individual components of our running bodies—our muscles, cardiovascular system, nervous system, and more. “Improved running performance and whole-body fitness aren’t unsolved mysteries,” says Magill. “Coaches, athletes, and exercise physiologists have been working on both for decades. The trick lies in utilizing advances in training to realize each runner’s personal fitness goals.”

Training Programs

Magill offers free 12-week “beginner” programs for first-time runners. For runners looking to improve their fitness or achieve performance goals, Magill offers 12-week training schedules and classes:

  • Pasadena Rose Bowl Festival 12-week programs (for 5K-Half Marathon fitness) see more
  • Build Your Running Body High-Intensity Programs (for 5K-Half Marathon fitness) see more
  • Personal Coaching (skype/phone/email) see more
  • Running Corps High Performance (running endurance) class see more
  • The Runner 360 class see more