8 Week Century Ride Training Program

Are you ready to do something fun with your fitness?  Do a century ride with your friends!

This training plan is intended for triathletes who are used to training for short course events and would like to do their first Century or Epic Ride.

This plan is comprised of (1) speedy ride, (1) steady ride, (1) easy ride, and (1) long slow day ride.

There is (1) rest day per week. If your body is telling you that you need an extra day of rest, listen to it.

There are (2) cross training day (i.e. strength training, yoga, swimming, running, etc.)

For the “speed” workout: Aim to do four to six hard or efforts ranging from 30 seconds to two minutes; in between the hard efforts, spin easy for twice the time of the interval.

For the “steady” workout: Go 2x 15 minutes as though you are trying to keep up with someone slightly faster than you with your HR at 80%, and then pedal an easy pace for 15 minutes. This is great race simulation for century rides.

Make your rest stops 15 minutes or less to keep the legs more fresh. The muscles tend to stiffen when you have been stopped for too long.

Download the plan here.