Welcome to the California Triathlon!   California Triathlon is a 501c3 charity that provides a premium no-fee membership to over 5,000 athletes worldwide.  Our mission is to make the sport of triathlon affordable, accessible & sustainable by providing the resources, coaching and support needed for athletes to accomplish their goals.  We are proud to support athletes throughout the U.S. and abroad.  As a member you can start enjoying the benefits of a no-fee premium membership.  We want you to be an active member of our team and here are 10 suggestions to get you started.

STEP 1.  Become a California Triathlon member.  California Triathlon membership has been free since 2010.
STEP 2.  Get your California Triathlon basics.  High quality garments proudly manufactured in California and shipped direct to you at prices only the largest triathlon team in the US can offer.  The next order closes Feb 18.

     $38.28 - Tri FS Race Jersey
     $44.22 - Tri Shorts
     $43.56 - Cycling Jersey
     $19.14 - Warmers
     $69.30 - Tri Race Skinsuit

STEP 3. Beginner?  Register for the free SPRINT 90 Day Free Coaching Programsupporting athletes in all 50 states.  Or, DIY with our free training plans.
STEP 4.  Check out the calendar featuring training led by our members.  Consider sharing training on our calendar when you “Post An Activity”.  Contact Kim@CaliforniaTriathlon.org if you need help.
STEP 5. Register for a GRAND PRIX USA or Cal Tri Events race.  We support grassroots racing throughout the US.
STEP 6.  Race For Free (VOGO - Volunteer One, Get One).  Since 2011, over $250,000 worth of entries has been earned by California Triathlon members.
STEP 7.  Check out premier events including Cal Tri Events racesEpic Rides and the Ocean Swim Seriesl
STEP 8.  Enjoy National Sponsor Deals including the 20% Blueseventy “CALTRIEVENTS” Discount Code
STEP 9.  Support our mission by shopping at smile.amazon.com/ch/45-2076700and AmazonSmile donates to California Triathlon.  We 501c3 charities appreciate it.
STEP 10.  Share with us on FacebookInstagram and Strava.  Check out theCalifornia Triathlon Soup Podcast.

Welcome on behalf of the entire California Triathlon membership!