June 1, five short months ago, we opened registration for the inaugural 2018 Newport Dunes Triathlon.  It was placed 8 days after our flagship event, Trick or Tri.  We are pleased to announce that the Newport Dunes Triathlon passed the 600 registration mark today which greatly exceeds everyone’s expectations.  We want to thank the City of Newport Beach, Newport Dunes and the Cal Tri Events athletes who continue to support our races and mission.  We are focused on planning and executing a race that our athletes will be proud to do year after year.  Here are some final thoughts to get you warmed up before the weekend.

  1. 2018 NEWPORT DUNES FAQ.  We have a great FAQ.  Athletes should review the FAQ before race day.  You can post questions on the Cal Tri Events Facebook Page to get a quick answer.
  2. ADAPT – ADAPT – ADAPT.  Nobody has the perfect race.  It is those athletes that are able to adapt that have successful races and successful triathlon careers.  Athletic activity is stress reducing, not stress inducing, so if it gets you “wired up” than take a breath.
  3. SAFETY.  We have baked safety into every aspect of our race.  This includes a rolling swim start, closed bike course and 5 monthly coached clinics.  We have doubled the number of lifeguards traditionally used.  The last part is up to our athletes.  Please read our FAQ, skim the USAT rules and most common rules violations.  Of particular importance is to never cross the center line on the bike, pass on the left and avoid blocking.
    1. WEATHER.  60/79 and a mix of sun and clouds.
    2. WATER QUALITY.  Green!
  5. LITTERING.  We are traversing several protected areas.  Do not discard your debris on the road.  The only exception to that is a 100 feet after an official aid station.  Athletes who litter will be disqualified or DQd from our race.
  6. $80 HUUB WETSUITS - $80 & GOGGLE $15/$30 SALE.  The wetsuits are demo units from 2018.  Many have barely been used.  Others have some use.  All are $80. 
  7. DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME.  Saturday night is Daylight Savings Time.  Those clocks will go back 1 hour so an extra hour of sleep.  Luckily our mobile phones make the change automatically but for those that are still analog this is for you.
  8. CHANGE YOUR DISTANCE.  You can do that on the registration form.  Please do so ASAP.
  9. REFUND/DEFERRAL/TRANSFER.  Those options are not part of the Cal Tri Events terms and conditions.  Please review the registration page or the FAQ for more information.
  10. MEDALS & AWARDS.  Everyone will receive a gorgeous finisher’s medal.  There are also 27 category award winners.  The Top 3 OA in each AG for every triathlon discipline will be invited to take a bow under the finishing arch.  We are loath to waste everyone’s time with a long awards ceremony for something that will go into a dresser drawer and eventually the bin.
  11. SATURDAY NIGHT 7PM MOVIE NIGHT – UNBREAKABLE.  Everyone is invited to this movie (see details below) which will be shown on the outdoor screen along the beach.  Bring a chair or beach chair and your favorite snack and watch a truly inspiring movie with some old friends and new. 
  12. POST RACE PHOTOS.  They are free but might take up to 3-5 days to process.  I avoid pestering the volunteer photographers so that they return year after year.
  13. ACCESS TO TRANSITION.  Only athletes with wristbands, given at registration, will be allowed into transition.  Please plan accordingly.

2018 Newport Dunes Triathlon - 11.4.18 - Weekend Registration, Packet Pickup, Camping & Movie on the Beach Information
Race Registration, Packet Pickup & Parking
When: Sat from 2-6pm; Sun from 5-6:40am
Where: 1131 Back Bay Drive, Newport Beach 
Registration & Packet Pickup - Pavilion C
Fee: Sat - 1st 30 minutes free; Sun - $10
Saturday Night Camping - $20/person (preregister only)
When: Sat starting at 2pm
Where: 101 North Bayside Drive, Newport Beach
Parking Fee: Free
RVs: Contact the Newport Dunes directly
Saturday Movie On The Beach - “Unbroken”
When: Sat at 7pm
Where: Newport Dunes Beach
Parking: 101 North Bayside Drive, Newport Beach
Fee: Free
Note: Bring a chair, beach or otherwise, or a blanket.
For 2018 Newport Dunes Race FAQ visit the website:  https://newportdunes.californiatriathlon.org/faq