Race day sure comes quick, eh?  We are putting the final touches together to make 2018 Trick or Tri – 10.27.18 the best ever.  Your safety is our #1 concern and we have designed safety into the DNA of this race.

  • Closed Bike Course.  The entire bike course is closed to vehicular traffic from 7:00am to 12:00pm.
  • Rolling Swim Start.  Significantly more humane than the traditional wave start. 
  • Swim Stagger.  Each discipline (70.3 mile, Olympic, Sprint) will have exited the water before the later discipline begins with only a few exceptions.  Each discipline gets the maximum attention of 20 fantastic lifeguards. 
  • Sprint Before Olympic Discipline.  70.3 Mile begins at 7:00am.  The Sprint athletes will start at approximately 7:45am and the Olympic athletes at 8:00am.  This is to lessen congestion on the bike course making this year’s race the safest yet.  The Olympic athletes need to be patient early and the Sprint athletes need to return the favor later.  
  • 6 Cal Tri Coached 3 Hour Monthly Clinics.  Giving local athletes the opportunity to become familiar with the course, the rules of triathlon and get professional triathlon coaching.
  • Wristbands.  Only athletes with a wristband are allowed into the transition area.  Friends and family must be outside of transition.
  • Weather.  Sunny a majority of the short course athletes competing in the 60s and 70s.  The long course athletes will see temperatures in the mid-80s.  We have planned for extra ice and water on the run course.

All of this means nothing unless we have the cooperation from our athletes. 

  • Adapt, Adapt, Adapt!  It is up to the individual to adapt and not give up mentally when the unforeseen happens.  I am still searching for the perfectly executed race.
  • Our Volunteers Have Super Powers!  Please say thank you to the volunteers for without them we couldn’t do the race.  On a serious note, they are the eyes and ears of the race and have the ability to give penalties or disqualify an athlete in rare circumstances.
  • Here are the USAT rules and the most common rules that are violated.  Please skim over the rules and give a close read to the most common rules violations.  A few below are a handful that we stress.
    • Avoid unsportsmanlike behavior
      • Abusive behavior or profanity directed to volunteers, spectators or fellow athletes is not tolerated.
    • Avoid unsafe behavior
      • Cyclists crossing the center line for ANY reason
      • Blocking.  Ride to the right and pass to the left.  Don’t crowd the center line.
      • Helmets must be worn at all times while on the bike
      • Wearing personal audio devices on course
    • No littering
      • We can only keep coming back year after year if we are good stewards

Over 30% of our athletes are 1st timers.  Another sizeable percentage are relatively new to the sport.  Our goal is to provide a safe and enjoyable experience that everyone will remember for years to come and with your support and cooperation that is easily achievable.  Be of good cheer.