Have you all seen this Reddit thread on triathlon-related debt?  The spouse of the triathlete is taking issue with the enormous amount of debt that is being accrued, all in the name of achieving their triathlon dream.

/soupdumplingbao : Hello all. From the pow of my spouse I am a non supportive triathalon hater. However my true issue is that my spouse is in a great deal of debt and continues to pile on debt to tackle this triathalon/Ironman dream. I know this sport appeals to the affluent and he is not of that sort with an average paying job and above average spending habit. From several coaches, massages, clinics, chiro, bike, trainer, add ons, races, travelling to races, upcoming Ironman… it’s a ballooning debt. He said everyone else supports their spouse and I said, okay is everyone else in debt too? And he said yes. We have huge expenses coming up and I am sacrificing my spending to save while he continues to feed the beast. Question is, is this normal in this sport? All his friends make a significant salary so I don’t really believe him when he says this is normal. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

While it does seem like the barrier to enter the sport of triathlon, California Triathlon exists to ensure we make the sport affordable, accessible and sustainable.  Athletes should be able to enjoy the benefits of a triathlete lifestyle without having to sacrifice financial stability.