MAILBAG QUESTION:  How does California Triathlon select sponsors and partners and what are we expected to do in exchange?

ANSWER:  Since our founding on October 6, 2010 California Triathlon members have enjoyed no-fee membership.  Even a well-run 501(c)(3) has bills so we rely on private public sponsor partnerships and the occasional fundraiser.  There are some simple ways to take care of the companies that take care of us.


  • BUY THEIR BRANDS. Consider Performance Bike when the need calls for a new bike or bike accessories.  The same is true for HUUB Wetsuits.  Finally, you can order EAS Myoplex via Amazon.  Each one of these companies has offered significant discounts to our members to incentive purchases. 
  • REFRESH YOUR KIT. We have kept the same design for 8 years.  When you have a winner, there is no sense in changing.  Still, if you are wearing your tri top from 2011, can I recommend you retire it in favor of something new with our current partners on it.  EAS Mypolex is on the front of the kit, Performance Bike is on the sides and HUUB Wetsuits is on the back.  We don’t put any branding on the shorts.
  • USE SOCIAL MEDIA TAGS. #caltri  #performancebike  #huub  #eas  #myoplex

Finally, you may have wondered why Cal Tri has less sponsors than much smaller groups who have dozens.  As athletes we want to support the brands that support us but not be inundated with frequent commercial offers that values mercantile over community.  In addition, we try to align with brands & races who align with our affordable, accessible and sustainable mission.