Emmy Award Winner Katherine Kelly Lang, also known as Brooke Logan on the CBS soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful joins California Triathlon Soup to discuss her acting and producing credits including 31 years on The Bold and the Beautiful.  Kelly also shares her passion for triathlon which includes racing Kona and the launch of the new RYD apparel line.  This episode is packed full of fun facts including Kelly’s dad was an Olympic Ski Jumper and Jolly Green Giant, her experience acting with Betty White and shares that one of B&B’s biggest fans is Robert De Niro.  California Triathlon Soup visits Hollywood this episode with Emmy Award Winner Katherine Kelly Lang!  Special thanks to Kelly’s business partner and significant other Dom Zoida for joining the taping.

California Triathlon Soup podcast is 2 parts triathlon, 1 part culture and a dash of silly. Season 1 offers a fresh serving of “Soup” every two weeks over a 12 week period.  The guests are top notch as a counterweight to the host’s shear lack of talent and even Erik Schiller’s mad post-production skills might not be enough to make this palatable.  Still, we hope you line up like Oliver Twist and find the podcast hearty and not thin gruel.

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