April 14 - Upper Big T with Mt Wilson (72 mi)

Start: TBA
Time: TBA
Ride Route: RideWithGPS
Elevation:  8,400 ft
Difficulty (1-5) = 4

THE RIDE. This year’s SGV led ride is the iconic Big T (Big Tujunga) Ride! After the relative flat ride of Angels & Demons, Big T is going to take you up into the clouds. There will be three different options depending on your climbing legs and desire for pie (more on that in a second).

THE ROUTE. The Big T Epic Ride will roll out from Pasadena with a relatively easy 16 miles of ascent broken up with a fast downhill before the real fun begins. We’ll regroup at a 7-11 so folks can make sure they have their water topped off and can use the bathrooms, then we’ll head onto the climb. Just beyond mile 28 will be two options. You can cut it a little short and head right at the fork which has just a little bit more climbing before you hit the Angeles Crest Highway at Clear Creek Ranger Station. From here, just head down the Crest Highway for an awesome 9 mile descent with gentle curves and some pretty decent pavement. If you’re looking for some more challenge though, you’ll turn left at the fork and continue to Upper Big T where you’ll climb an additional 1,400 feet in about 14 miles before you connect with the Angeles Crest Highway. Another 4 miles and you’ll arrive at Red Box. This is where you will want to make another fateful decision. Head down that awesome descent towards Pasadena and home, or head for pie. Pie? That’s your reward for climbing an additional 1,000 feet over 5 miles. The Cosmic Café is a popular hiker and cyclist stop where you can pick up a soda, bag of chips, or my favorite, apple pie a la mode. The dessert will be a welcome addition as you head your bike down for a 26 mile, nearly 5,000 foot descent back into Pasadena.

Mile 0-16: Pasadena up through Montrose and down to Sunland.
Mile 16-28.5 The lower Big T Climb which hits the Clear Creek Ranger Station at mile 32.5 before the descent back to Pasadena. This route is 49 miles with 4,800 feet of climbing.
Mile 28.5-42 The Upper Big T Climb hits the Angeles Crest Highway at 4,600 feet up through lovely mountains and meadows.
Mile 42-46.5 Rolling hills to the Red Box Gap.
Mile 46.5-67 The fast descent down into Pasadena. This option is 67 miles and 7,300 feet of climbing.
Mile 46.5-51.3 The Mt. Wilson Climb to Pie A La Mode! Amazing views over the San Gabriel Valley and Los Angeles. Mt Wilson is the site of one of the most storied Observatories in the world. It is home to the world’s first permanent solar telescope and is where Edwin Hubble proved that there were multiple galaxies, that the universe is expanding and Fritz Zwicky found the evidence for Dark Matter. And did I mention the home made pie?!?
Mile 51.3-77: From here it is a 26 mile fun ride back to your car. This option is 77 miles and 8,400 feet of climbing

Ride for the comradery, climb for the pie!