Date: January 7, 2018 @ 2 pm PT

ATTENDEES:  Thom Richmond – President, Kim Degen, Caitlin Nicholas, Harrison Shao, Howard Nemetz, Les Borsay, Marina Ortiz, Rollin White, Eric Witmayer, Roberto Lepe [Board Members In Bold]

BOARD MEMBERS NOT PRESENT:  Anthony Grey - Vice President, Lauren Halatek - Treasurer, Megan Severa and Diana Jones

  1. 5 NEW ADDITIONS. Last month 5 new members were welcomed to the leadership team.  This month we welcome an additional 5 new members.  We appreciate their service to the sport and supporting our mission to make triathlon more affordable, accessible and sustainable.
    1. Cal Tri – San Francisco Chapter Lead. Welcome Jonathan Yip who will be supporting athletes participating in our Bay Area race and training programs.  Jonathan replaces Sara Randolph [and Ross] who did a remarkable job increasing the Cal Tri presence in San Francisco.
    2. Cal Tri – San Diego Chapter Co-Lead. Welcome Eric Witmayer who will be joining Maya Bryson as co-lead of Cal Tri - San Diego.  San Diego County is a big place and Jonathan is looking forward to establishing more training opportunities.
    3. Cal Tri – Los Angeles Co-Lead. Welcome Steve Garrett who will be joining Caitlin Nicolas as co-lead of Cal Tri – Los Angeles.  Steve lives in Sherman Oaks and will be focusing on growing our LA Chapter in that area.
    4. Marketing – “California Triathlon Soup” Podcast Producer. Welcome Erik Schiller who starting later this month will  produce California Triathlon Soup, a bi-weekly podcast that “blends 2 parts triathlon, 1 part culture, and a pinch of silliness”, keeping listeners connected with the latest in all thing Triathlon.
    5. Marketing – SEO. Welcome Marc Geraldez who is making our existing and rapidly growing library of content and activities more relevant online.  Almost 50% of new users come from athletes outside California and that trend will only continue in 2018.
  2. SPONSOR RENEWAL – PERFORMANCE BIKE. Performance Bike, and their 104 stores, return as a California Triathlon sponsor in 2018.  Performance Bike offers California Triathlon members a “pro level” deal on bikes plus service and accessories.  New collateral available in January
    1. 30% off all Fuji/Kestrel bikes storewide
    2. Complimentary 25-point inspection
    3. $10 off any purchase over $50.
  3. GRAND PRIX California “MiniSite”. RaceReach has completed the GRAND PRIX California “MIniSite” focusing on the events, scoring and discounts included in the GRAND PRIX California.  In 2017, over 7,000 athletes competed for pride or prizes with 72 athletes taking home over $20,000 of SWAG.
  4. 1st 2018 CAL TRI KIT ORDER. The order deadline is February 4 with shipment March 9.
  5. NEW VOGO EVENTS. Two new VOGO, Volunteer One, Get One, events will be added to the main calendar from Orange County per Kim Degan, OC Chapter Leader.
  6. The leadership will strive to keep up with the content demand and encourage our members to participate as a way to increase engagement.
    1. Features or Articles.
    2. California Triathlon Forum
    3. California Triathlon Facebook
    4. California Triathlon Instagram
    5. GRAND PRIX California Facebook Group.
    6. California Triathlon Soup.

NO REGRETS. The Cal Tri theme for 2018 is “No Regrets”.  We encourage everyone to approach 2018 with abandon by treating every opportunity to train or race as special.

California Triathlon is a 501c3 charity that provides a premium no-fee membership to over 4,000 athletes worldwide.  Our mission is to make the sport of triathlon affordable, accessible & sustainable by providing the resources, coaching and support needed for athletes to accomplish their goals.