California Triathlon added almost 1,000 members in 2017 and many of them took full advantage of the Cal Tri apparel relationship with Voler.  Simply put, we are unaware of anything comparable to the quality and price of California Triathlon gear.  The one downside is that there are so many categories and choices within categories that it can be confusing.  Gear is a very personal decision so there is no one size fits all but there are some essentials, recommended and splurge items that should be in everyone’s dresser or closet.


There are basics that every triathlete will use and that includes a tri top and shorts as well as a cycling jersey.  Add cycling gloves will pay off if the unexpected happens and having a running singlet gives you another option for your runs or track workouts.  These 5 items are considered the essentials.  Having a couple pairs of shorts would be a good idea as well.

  • Starting at $34.98 - Transition Tri Jersey or Tri FS Race Jersey
  • Starting at $42.24 – TriShorts
  • Starting at $42.90 - Peloton DX Jersey
  • Starting at $27.72 – FS Running Singlet
  • Starting at $14.52 – Short Finger Glove


Past the bare bones essentials there are other recommended items.  A rain, wind or thermal vest or jacket will save you on a cold or damp day.  Arm warmers were almost included in the essentials category due to their versatility.  Using arm warmers in the morning before it warms up and being able to fold them into your back pocket can be a lifesaver.

  • Starting at $40.92 – Outerwear – Vests [Thermal/Wind]
  • Starting at $45.54 – Outerwear – Jackets [Rain/Thermal/Wind]
  • Starting at $18.48 - Thermal Arm Warmer - Yukon Fleece
  • Starting at $18.48 - SolSkin lightweight UV Arm Protectors - Spectrum


Talk to almost any cyclist and they will extoll the comfort of bibs and knickers.  Are you missing out?  In addition booties and a cycling cap are affordable items to have in your closet.

  • Starting at $75.90 – FS Pro Skinsuit
  • Starting at $56.10 – FS Pro Bib Shorts
  • Starting at $56.10 – FS Knickers
  • Starting at $19.80 – Booties
  • Starting at $8.58 – Cycling Cap

Voler has a great SIZING CHART.  All Cal Tri orders are final so do best efforts to try before you buy either at a chapter fitting or through one of your friends.  Finally, all the gear is shipped directly to you.  USPS is available if you want the lowest shipping rate.  Questions?  Contact Voler directly at 800-644-4002 or post your question at the California Triathlon Forum.