December 2017 California Triathlon Leadership Meeting Minutes

Date: December 17, 2017 @ 2 pm PT

Thom Richmond - President
Anthony Grey - Vice President
Lauren Halatek - Treasurer
Megan Severa
Kim Degen
Caitlin Nicholas
Sara Randolph
Reyna Perez
Sergio Arias
Chanvutha Dy
Howard Nemetz
Jared Willbergh
Les Borsay
Marina Ortiz
Mark Keskes
Julian Gaitan
Maya Bryson
William McBride
Michael Hagenacker
Monica Lee
Board Members in Bold

Board Members Not Present:
Diana Jones
Harrison Shao


  1. NEW CALIFORNIA TRIATHLON TREASURER. Lauren Halatek was unanimously approved by attending board members as California Triathlon’s Treasurer. The Board wishes to thank Bill McBride for six years of service.  Bill’s major accomplishments included establishing our organization’s Articles of Incorporation, establishing California Triathlon as a 501c3 and working with our bookkeeper and tax professionals to keep California Triathlon current.
  2. NEW CALIFORNIA TRIATHLON PARTNER LEAD. We would like to welcome Michael Hagenacker as California Triathlon’s Partner Lead.  Michael will be maintain and building new relationships with partners who are anxious to support California Triathlon’s mission to make the sport of triathlon more affordable, accessible and sustainable.
  3. NEW CHAPTER – WISCONSIN. Welcome Megan Severa and the members of California Triathlon – Wisconsin.
  4. NEW CHAPTER – INDIANA. Welcome Mike Hoberg and the members of California Triathlon – Indiana.
  5. NEW CHAPTER – SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY, CALIFORNIA. Welcome Reyna Perez and the members of California Triathlon - San Joaquin Valley centered in Bakersfield, California.
  6. 2018 VOGO EVENTS. There are 13 VOGO events currently on the California Triathlon 2018 calendar.  6 triathlons in California and 7 triathlons in Virginia.  Chapter leaders are encouraged to add VOGO events as opportunities arise.
  7. WELLS FARGO REPLACING BANK OF AMERICA. Starting January 2018, California Triathlon will move all banking business to Wells Fargo from Bank of America.  Thom Richmond [President], Lauren Halatek [Treasurer] and Jamie Trinh [bookkeeper] will have access.
  8. CHAPTER ABOUT PAGES. Mark Keskes of Michigan has created a great chapter ABOUT page and we agreed to replicate that page for all California Triathlon chapters by January 1, 2018.
  9. GRAND PRIX USA. Max provided an update on the GRAND PRIX USA.  Several new race partners were introduced in 4Q17.
  10. CHAPTER OF THE WEEK. Starting January, California Triathlon will highlight a Cal Tri Chapter weekly until each chapter is covered.  The 1st one is California Triathlon – San Gabriel Valley.
  11. NO REGRETS. The Cal Tri theme for 2018 is “No Regrets”.  We encourage everyone to approach 2018 with abandon by treating every opportunity to train or race as special.