2017 SEASON WRAPPING UP.  Most of us have a precious, few more weeks before we shut it down for the 2017 season.  How did your season go?  Are there some unaccomplished goals for 2018 or beyond in the back of your mind?  Typically an athlete’s 1 year goals are overly optimistic but their 5 year goals are conservative.  I find it is best to look at a 3 year goal and methodically stack building block upon building block to make that happen.

  • Are you a poor swimmer? Have you thought about joining a master’s swim team and being swim focused for 2018?  Of course you are going to get your butt kicked but the work you do next year will payoff throughout the rest of your triathlon career.
  • Are you a poor cyclist? Have you thought about joining the local cycling team and being bike focused for 2018?  My experience is that athletes take 2 full years to develop into a good cyclist.
  • Are you a poor runner? Have you thought about attending weekly track workouts to improve your form, speed and power?  Just because you have never been a quick runner doesn’t mean you can’t be.  A quick ramp up in running distance or intensity can make you prone to injury so make sure you are getting the right type of information ahead of time.
  • How is your core strength and power?  I have worked with a number of athletes who took 6-12 weeks off and focused on core strength.  Or maybe flexibility is something that you need to improve.  The winter is a great time to start that regimen and then extend it into 2018 and beyond.

The biggest question to ask is how are you doing from a mental state?  Did you enjoy 2017?  Did you get close to burning out?  When you look at 2018 and beyond is it something that you look forward to or dread?  A healthy percentage of us set unrealistic goals, don’t achieve them and then spend the offseason beating ourselves up.  “Next year I am going to…” is a common refrain right now.  Think about the long term and then and only then start building your 2018 plan.

Thom Richmond