“Once a year the bicycle industry gathers together to meet and talk about business. We need you to attend Interbike 2017 and play a role in shaping the future of the bicycle industry.”

I attended 2017 Interbike this week in Las Vegas.  If that was the future of the bicycle industry it will be Cervelo and e-bikes or electronic bikes and not much more.  With the popularity of ebikes could the future of triathlon be swim, steer and run?

BIKE BRANDS.  Cervelo was the only major bike brand that I saw at the show.  There was no P6 announcement so all the Cervelo fanboys are still stuck with the $15,000 P5.  Brands not at the show:

  • Giant
  • Trek
  • Specialized
  • Scott
  • Cannondale
  • Fuji/Kestrel

So what was at the show?

EBIKES & FAT TIRE BIKES.  There were dozens of ebikes, or electric bikes, and fat tire bikes.  Sometimes there were fat tire ebikes.  There were probably 20x more ebikes than the traditional road or triathlon bikes.  My favorite was Rambo and make sure you get the optional Aluminum Bike/Hand Cart when you need to haul back your trophy post hunt.

APPAREL.  There was no shortage of apparel companies at this show.

NUTRITION.  Ditto on nutrition.  Lots of nutrition companies.  It was possible to have a calorie positive event at Interbike.  Just make sure you are not that guy putting their hand in the sample containers.

CYCLOCROSS.  There was a professional cyclocross event on Wednesday night a few miles from the strip.  The layout of the circuit allowed everyone to have visual on the cyclists the entire time.  It is definitely a spectator friendly sport.  Think cycling meets miniature golf obstacles except these obstacles weren’t miniature.  Highly recommended!

SUMMARY:  I was glad to meet with some of California Triathlon’s existing partners like Voler and HUUB and had appointments with some new potential partners as well.  I asked a lot of vendors, sales reps and friends their opinion of Interbike.  “Disaster”.  “Worse than last year.”  “A complete waste of money.”  Those bike companies that didn’t show up must have known that this was a low ROI type of event.  The 2018 event is moving to Reno and that will likely impact it even more.