Here are some quick but intense workout ideas for swim, bike, and run:

Only have 1 Hour to Bike?
Here’s a workout that I found on - it’s an ITU based workout that gives you a wide variety of zones in a 1 hour bike session.


10 minutes building Zone 1 to Zone 2
1 minute Zone 3
1 minute Zone 4
1 minute Zone 5
2 minutes Zone 2

Main Set
2 x 15 minutes of alternating 40 seconds in Zone 5-6 with 20 Seconds in Zone 1
5 minutes between sets in Zone 1

10 minutes in Zone 1-2

Only have 30-60 minutes to Run?
I’ve been doing a series of 1 minute pick ups during my training lately and I really like the variability in the workout instead of just going out at one pace for a set amount of time.  This is a good way to build up your speed and it’s great for those who don’t have access to a track.

5-15 min warm up jog

Main Set
5-15 x (1 min best average pace, 1 minute recovery jog)

5-15′ cool down jog or challenge yourself to finish in a low zone 3 pace and walk for a few minutes after completing the workout to cool down

Only have 30 minutes to Swim?
100 swim
100 kick

Main Set
Swim Ladder 100, 200, 300, 200, 100
Repeat the ladder as many times as you can in 25 minutes

100 pull