I was recently in NYC and had a chance to connect with a members of the Brooklyn Triathlon Club who were relaying how upset they were when the Brooklyn Triathlon was cancelled both times it was scheduled.  If you click that link you actually see a picture a Cal Tri athlete a few years ago racing at the LA Triathlon in Torrance.  As luck would have it, the 2016 LA Triathlon at Torrance was cancelled as well.  The common theme?  Pacific Sports LLC.  Pacific Sports events include Long Beach Triathlon & Newport Beach Triathlon.

California Triathlon has several members who have signed up for the 2017 Newport Beach Triathlon on October 1, 2017.  It is advertised as being held at the Newport Dunes Resort & Marina.  I reached out to the Newport Dunes Resort & Marina to confirm that everything was in place for this year’s race and was gobsmacked with the response below from Brian Ross, Executive Director, Newport Dunes Resort & Marina.  Brian refers to “Water Sports” when he actually means “Pacific Sports”.  Copied on the note to me were Jack Caress, Sam Renouf and Andrew Wright from Active and USA Triathlon President Barry Siff.  Active processes the payments and USAT would be the sanctioning body.

If you are one of the athletes who bought a race entry expecting to race at the Newport Dunes Resort & Marina in 2017 you should reach out to the Race Director, Jack Caress, and Sam Renouf at Active.

Thom Richmond, Founder, California Triathlon

California Triathlon is a 501c3 charity that provides a premium no-fee membership to over 4,000 athletes worldwide. Our mission is to make the sport of triathlon affordable, accessible & sustainable by providing the resources, coaching and support needed for athletes to accomplish their goals.


Hi Thom,

Thank you for reaching out, and I can help address your concern.

The Newport Beach Triathlon is an event advertised by Water Sports, LLC, that is neither confirmed, contracted, City permitted nor approved for the proposed date and location. On that note, one may conclude that registration for the triathlon is being sold under false pretenses — the event is neither contracted nor permitted to occur.

We have asked Water Sports, LLC, to cease and desist using our business name and address (a total of three requests to stop have been issued to Jack Caress).

Should the recognized event producer, Jack Caress, for this advertised yet unconfirmed event, wish to speak further, then he can call Newport Dunes directly, and speak with me, Brian Ross, or the general manager, Michael Gelfand.

Otherwise, yes, this event is not happening as currently proposed, and people should be notified of it not being contracted nor permitted by the City of Newport Beach for the advertised location, Newport Dunes, 1131 Back Bay Drive Newport Beach, CA 92660.

Brian Ross

Executive Director