2017 GRAND PRIX CALIFORNIA.  The 2017 GRAND PRIX California is a competitive series of 20 races throughout California with over $20,000 worth of prizes up for grabs. The GRAND PRIX offers fantastic sprint, olympic & half distance options in the LA, San Francisco, San Diego and Orange County areas.
STANDINGS. 5,037 athletes have completed 1 race with 154 finishing 3 and eligible for postseason prizes.  Brigid Freyne, the 4th overall woman, is overachieving with a remarkable 6 races.
REMAINING RACES.  There are still plenty of races left with Legends as the last race on October 15.  2016 Trick or Tri was the 1st race in the 2017 GRAND PRIX California and 2017 Trick or Tri will be the 1st race in the 2018 GRAND PRIX California.
  • Jul 30 - Solana Beach
  • Aug 6 - Folsom
  • Aug 13 - Chula Vista Challenge
  • Aug 27 - Oakland
  • Sep 10 - Pacific Coast
  • Oct 15 - Legends
PRIZES.  Postseason prizes will be given at 2017 Trick or Tri on October 28.  72 postseason prizes [12 AG x Male & Female x 3 Deep].  Only athletes that represent Cal Tri on race day ~ wear the Cal Tri kit ~ will be eligible for postseason prizes.  They will be handed out on October 28 at Trick or Tri.  Athletes do not have to be present to receive their prize.
ATHLETE SUPPORT.  The bragging rights and postseason prizes are tremendous but what sets the GRAND PRIX California apart from anything else in the country is the athlete support.  Cal Tri spoils our athletes:
  • Coaching.  12 weeks of coaching support
  • Winner’s Circle.  Athletes, friends and family get the red carpet
  • Team Rack.  Race with your team
  • Recovery Zone.  Post-race relax and recovery area
  • Photography.  Photographers looking for Cal Tri kits
NEW GRAND PRIX CALIFORNIA FACEBOOK GROUP.  A Facebook group dedicated to athletes racing GRAND PRIX California events.
Contact Marina if you have any questions.