Exceptional Women on a Mission
The inspiration for this effort came from multiple conversations with enthusiastic & loyal members of our team who have personally benefited from their involvement with California Triathlon, who are passionate about our mission of growing our sport by making it more accessible and affordable,  and who want to share that passion and give back.

The latest demographic information about triathletes paints a picture of a sport that continues to be overwhelmingly male, white, and affluent.  California Triathlon exists largely to buck that trend, by providing premium no-fee membership with access to coaching, group training, and other resources.   We are really proud that our membership is greater than 50% female.   But there is so much more to be done.

CAL TRI EMPOWER is dedicated to removing barriers and promoting inclusion. Though there is a strong focus on women, Cal Tri Empower will offer inspiration, encouragement, and engagement for everyone.

California Triathlon will provide a platform and promote this effort with special events and activities throughout the Los Angeles chapter, as well as with online and social media interaction.    We are piloting this initiative in Los Angeles. If it’s successful there, then it can be replicated in our chapters throughout the US.

Meet the Team
We are proud to shine the spotlight on these six exceptional women! They share an attitude of gratitude and exemplify what California Triathlon is all about:   In the coming weeks, you will be hearing a lot more from our Cal Tri Empower team!  If you would like to learn more please contact Monica Lee to get involved.

Monica Lee

“I am inspired by people that have to overcome adversity and the ways they are able to jump through hoops to be where they are now. I am also inspired by people who are selfless - dedicated to making others better instead of just focusing on themselves”.

Natalie Guerboian

“I am inspired by people who challenge themselves to do something out of their comfort zone. Therefore, I always want to challenge myself and see what I am capable of achieving.”

Raushanah (Shanah) Najeeullah

“I’m inspired by the generations preceding me who prove every day (and at a lot of triathlons) that age is an advantage if you know how to make the most of your life and the experiences it holds.”

Linda Maily

“People who overcome adversity with a smile inspire me. We all have our battles and deal with our struggles daily but there are some people who handle it with grace. They inspire me to strive to be a better person and a stronger triathlete.”

Simone Maier Bartlett

“I am a mom to a 2 year old girl and I love seeing other moms being active, fit & healthy and, most of all, being role models, and actually heroes, to their little ones. This is what inspires me and I hope to inspire both my family and lots of other moms to be fit & healthy”. 

Jenny Alonzo Ford

“I am inspired by people who defy odds and overcome obstacles in sport and life. It is so emotional to see them push the limits to achieve their goals, reminding me how the human spirit prevails when one puts forth the effort to overcome them”.